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Vegetarian Female, 50, seeks:
Dating: Males
Friends: Either
H Feldbach, Steiermark, Austria 3426mi/5481km Map
Open to PenPals
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Physical Description
  Me My Date My Friend
Gender Female Male Either
Age 50 38 to 47 30 to 50
Zodiac ♍ Virgo    
Height 5'9" (175 cm) 6'0" (183 cm) to 6'8" (203 cm) 5'11" (180 cm) to 7'0" (213 cm)
Weight ? (unused) (unused)
Hair Color Light Brown (unused) (unused)
Eye Color Blue (unused) (unused)
Body Type A few extra pounds any any
Ethnicity Caucasian/White any any
Personal Information
  Me My Date My Friend
Diet Vegetarian
No Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
No Raw Vegetarian
No Raw Vegan
No Fruitarian
No Macrobiotic
No Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
Yes Raw Vegetarian
Yes Raw Vegan
Yes Fruitarian
Yes Macrobiotic
Relationship Single (Divorced)
Yes Single (Never Married)
Yes Single (Divorced)
Yes Single (Widowed)
Yes Separated
No In a relationship
No Married or Live-in Partner
Occupation Administrative / Secretarial (unused) (unused)
Have Children Yes (living with me) (unused) (unused)
Want Children with future partner No
No Yes
Yes Undecided
Yes No
Smoking No
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking Occasionally
Yes No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
Yes No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
Education Some College any any
Income ? (unused) (unused)
Religion Spiritual but not religious any any
Language skill
Yes English
Yes German
Yes Polish
Yes English
Yes German
Yes Polish
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My Lifestyle
My Body Art
Pierced Ear(s)
Pierced Nose
I Like to Read
Why I'm Vegetarian
I'm lacto-vegetarian. Why? Because I'm afraid of bad karma.
More About Me
Something more about me...

I'm lacto-vegetarian for much more than the half of my life already. I love indian-vegetarian cuisine. As the Hare Krishnas cook, this is the highest perfection for me. I'm not the very best cook, ask my children! ;-) But I love nice and tasty preparations... Who doesn't ;-)

I love to read sci-fi and fantasy (the classical writers: I. Asimov, R. Silverberg, Tolkien, Dragonlance, Bujold, A. McCaffrey and some of the new ones: G.R.R. Martin, A. Sapkowski, J. Grzedowicz, D. Gabaldon... etc...), belletristic, especially thriller and techno thriller (Grisham, Kellerman, Crichton, Cussler), also romances (I'm a woman with a sensitive heart ;-) ). And Clavell's King Rat...

I love sci-fi and fantasy anyway. Books, movies, pictures, music...

Yes, music... I'm an ex-teenager of the '80s and I love also the music of the '80s ;-) But also new age, Hardiman and Irish dance shows (the first and original - Riverdance, Lord of the dance), Irish music as well, electronic (Jarre, Kitaro, Vollenweider, Enigma), my last love: Secret Garden, Matt Kearney. Jack Johnson, Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Meat Loaf (although I don't like his nick ;-)), Tanita Tikaram, Faithless, again Mike Oldfield and OMD... Djembe, oh yeah! And all kind of shanties. ;-) And Rammstein. And Hare Krishna music. And the other music of my youth: SDM, WGB, Sted.

And other things... Some sports maybe? They are: inline skating (rollerblades), a little bit biking, swimming, sailing (oh yes! I love waving water, sea, ocean... Swimming, riding the waves - at least with an air mattress ;-) Or just sitting on the beach, looking at the waves and relaxing... I love the smell of a salty wind... Maybe I was a mermaid in my past life, who knows... Or a dolphin..:), "sport": motor biking (as "sozia" - passenger). I love it ;-).

I believe in reincarnation, karma and that we are souls with a body experience. I am a non smoking, veryvery rarely drinking (pina colada and maybe a guinness once a year), non drug taking vegetarian. ;-)

Hmmm... Enough? Yes, for today, it is 01:11 a.m. here. Ciao and feel free to write me. 
I'm Looking For
Vegetarians (real, no meat and no fish at all) for chatting and dating ;-)

My soulmate.

For dating: between 38 and 48 yrs old, atleast 183cm tall (the taller the better ;-)) and a non-smoker! Vegetarianism is a very important part of my life (style) and I don't look for non-vegetarian, "semi-vegetarian", fish-eater or smoker. I have enough of them around me and in my private/family life I want to have only vegetarians and non-smoker. Vegans are welcome as well (it would please my vegan teenager, most of our food is vegan anyway because of her), but I am not vegan yet, so I guess, I would be not good enough for a vegan life partner. ;-)

Well, actually I'm looking for friends or penpals... I like to make new connections with vegetarians (who could be on the same wavelength with me)... I made the experience, to be vegetarian doesn't really mean to understand eachother, nicht wahr, Max? ;-) So, the same wavelenght wanted! ;-)

Also looking for austrian veggie families with teenaged children wanting to get in contact with my family... And Polish veggies in Austria as well.

I'm a "free member", can read only goldies. (*edit* 26.4.2016 - I have silver for 3 months from now) 
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