Photo Overview


Photos on are not "sent" as e-mail attachments. Instead, photos are uploaded to your photo gallery for others to view. This is far more convenient than off-site e-mailing and protects your privacy since you need not disclose your e-mail address.

You may designate one photo as your Primary Photo, to be displayed on your profile and included in notifications to others.

Photo Gallery

Galleries members have three galleries and each may hold up to 26 photos. Sharing is controlled by your subscription level. Click for details.

Members with photos have a Photo Gallery button on their profile to display their photos.

Standard:Photos all members may view.
Private:Photos only visible to those you grant access.
Credentials:Document images – only visible to those you grant access.
Standard Gallery
Your Standard Gallery is attached to your profile. Any member may view it via the Photo Gallery button on your profile. Since your Standard Gallery is attached to your profile, the photos will be effectively sent (automatically) with each message (e-mail or greeting) you send.
Private Gallery

Photos uploaded to your Private Gallery photos are private. You may grant access via a Photo Pass.

Grant Access with a Photo Pass

To allow a member to view your Private Gallery, send a Photo Pass by clicking   Photo Pass in an e-mail or

greeting. See sample screen right...

Viewing with a Photo Pass

Recipients who receive your Photo Pass will see (at the top of the message you've sent) a button to view your Private Gallery photos:

 Photo Pass - View My Private Gallery

Rescind a Photo Pass
You may rescind Photo Passes previously sent to one member or all members, thereby withdrawing access to your Private Gallery:
  1. Find the Photo Pass containing message in your Mailbox Sent folder. Messages containing a Photo Pass are tagged with the icon.
  2. Click the message.
  3. Click the Rescind Photo Pass button below the message (bottom left). You'll then be given a choice of which Photo Passes to rescind - one, all to a user, or all sent to anyone.
Credentials Gallery

Fraud has become too common on the Internet. Many social networking sites have attempted to address this issue in various ways. has addressed member verification via optional* (and free) Credentials. Credentials are documents that verify identity, training, or professional status; see Credential Categories below.

* Credentials are normally optional, but may become mandatory if: a member receives a large number of Credentials requests and a staff review determines verification of said member is advisable. In any case, Credentials remain confidential; see Privacy and Sharing Credentials below.
Credential Categories

Credentials fall into one of these categories:

Credential Type Document(s) Minimum Details
Identity • Driver License
• Passport/Passport Card
• State ID Card
• Military ID Card
Your full name, photo, city/state (if one)/country, birth year (day/month not required), document issuance date, document expiration date, if one.† For couples, upload credentials for both partners.
† Tip: We'd suggest that you redact (block out) the driver license number, social security or similar number, your signature, birthday day/month (but not year), and street address.
Professional • Diploma
• Certificate of Completion
• Student Transcript
Your full name, organization name, topic of study, authorizing signature, and issuance date.
General • Business Card
• Vaccination Card
Your full name, and, if relevant, the issuance date. A vaccination card should show the card front with your name and doses, not the back, reminder portion, of the card.
All credential documents must be unaltered* and in full accurate (original) color.
* Permitted redactions: passport ID, driver license ID, social security number, your signature, your street address, and your birth day/month (but not year).
Verification Tags

Members with approved credentials will show these verification icons next to their username:

Identity Verified Identity verified by uploading a driver license or similar document
Professional Status Verified Occupation/training/diplomas verified by uploading one or more official documents (diplomas, etc.)
Requesting Credentials
In a member's detailed profile, click the button Request Credentials near the bottom of their Personal Information section.
Sharing Credentials
  • Following an Identity Credential upload, our staff will verify your account. For your privacy, sharing your Identity Credential with fellow members is not required to verify your account.
  • As already mentioned above, do not share any credentials containing a drivers license or passport number, your social security or similar number, your signature, your birthday day/month, or your street address.
  • Do not share your Identity Credential with anyone you deem suspicious, or if our website has tagged the member with a suspicious or other such alert at the top of their profile.
To share your Credentials, select
   Credentials Pass
when sending an e-mail.
Viewing Credentials

Recipients who receive your Credentials Pass will see at the top of the message you've sent:

 Credentials Pass - View My Credentials

Primary Photo

The photo shown on your profile is called your Primary Photo. When members search or receive your message, your Primary Photo is attached, so it's very important to have a Primary Photo.
Primary Photo Requirements
  1. A Head-Shot - head, neck, shoulders - of member, no others. Face must fill about ½ - ⅔ the image, as in a drivers license or company ID.
  2. Face forward, not cut off nor excessively dark/blurry nor obscured. No sunglasses.
  3. Square or portrait ; not landscape .
Primary Photo
Which are suitable as a Primary Photo?

Only the last! Hover over them (or tap them) to see explanation.

Selecting / Creating a Primary Photo
One of two buttons will appear below each thumbnail image:
☆ Set as Primary Photo The image is pre-approved as a Primary Photo. Click to select this image as your Primary Photo.
Adjust as Primary Photo Not approved as a Primary Photo (yet). If the face is large enough and unobscurred, click to crop the image to create a head shot.

Use Duplicate to make a copy of a photo before you crop it

Uploading Photos photo uploading is similar to the steps you take to e-mail a photo.

1 Click Profile My Photos/Credentials (from the top menu)

On desktops and tablets, you may also click My Photos/Credentials on your home page Quicklinks panel.

2 Select a Gallery tab:
Standard Gallery default Standard photos are visible to all members
Private GalleryPrivate photos are viewable by permission only.
You must send a Photo Pass (via an e-mail or greeting) to grant a member access to your Private Gallery.
Credentials GalleryCredentials are viewable by permission only.
You must send a Credentials Pass (via an e-mail only) to grant a member access to your Credentials Gallery.
3 Click Click Here to Upload to open a file browser to select your photo. After selected and confirmed, your image uploads.

Photo Operations

A row of buttons below your photo are available for various operations.
Photo Operations
Crop Calls our photo editor to allow you to trim ("crop") the photo. Handy for making a head shot from an existing photo, or just trimming out extraneous material.
Rotate Rotate photo. Options are 90° counter-clockwise, 90° clockwise, 180° clockwise.
Duplicate Make a copy of the photo, perhaps because you want to make a cropped version and keep the original.
Move Move the photo to another Gallery.
Delete Deletes the Photo
Delete Primary Photo Click the Delete Primary Photo button, which appears below the Primary Photo, to delete the Primary Photo.
Note: You need not delete your Primary Photo if you simply wish to replace it with another. For replacing your Primary Photo, simply select a new gallery photo via either button below any gallery photo: ☆ Set as Primary Photo, or Adjust as Primary Photo.

Helpful Off-site Utilities

Sometimes you may need to crop (resize) a photo before uploading it because it's too large. Most platforms have built-in tools for doing so. Select your platform:

PDF to Image converter: