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Requests are specific requests for an action. Currently Requests may be for:

  1. A Primary Photo
  2. An Identity Credential for account verification to prove you are you (verify your gender, age, and location)
Following an Identity Credential upload, our staff will verify your account. For your privacy, sharing your Identity Credential with fellow members is not required to verify your account.


Requests differ from e-mails and greetings in that they will not appear in the recipient's Inbox nor the sender's Sent folder. Instead, Requests are displayed permanently in the recipient's home page Requests panel until the request is fulfilled. The advantages to this approach are:

  1. Requests avoid flooding the recipient with (sometimes unwelcome) messages.
  2. Greetings are fleeting: read, then often discarded, whereas Requests are a permanent home page reminder.
  3. Requests are cumulative, suggesting greater urgency as the volume increases.
  4. We can more easily monitor the volume of certain Requests which helps us deter fraud. Identification Credential requests that remain unfulfilled can become required after a certain volume of said requests.

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