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VeggieConnection.com Overview


VeggieConnection.com is a community of vegetarians and vegans seeking friendships, pen-pals, and romance. Communicating (e-mailing) is 100% free.

How to Connect

1    Search 🔍 ( Home page) to find partners near you per your Search Criteria.

2 Contact those of interest via e-mail.

3 After exchanging a few messages with someone you click with, agree to meet.


   Search 🔍 ( Home page) lists members matching your Search Criteria. Click a member's username to view their detailed profile.

Your Search Criteria (distance, age range, etc.) may be viewed/changed by clicking Search Search Criteria from the top menu.

VeggieConnection.com offers separate Search Criteria for dating and friendships. You may opt in for just one or both.


You may contact members by sending an e-mail or greeting, or by replying to a message you've received. Communicating (by e-mail or greeting) is 100% free.

Send a personally written e-mail.
Send a free pre-written "greeting card". These are intended to be ice-breakers to get a conversation going, however beware -- some members ignore, or even block, greetings and prefer e-mails only. So use greetings with caution. E-mails work best.
Certain greetings (currently Primary Photo and Credential requests) are treated specially. Whereas e-mails and greetings which are normally sent to the recipient's Mailbox, and saved in the Sender's Sent folder, these requests are posted to the recipient's Home page, permanently, serving as a continued reminder, until the request is fullfilled.


While reading a message in your Mailbox, you may reply in three ways. These buttons appear near the top of the message you're reading:

reply Send an e-mail reply.
greet reply Send a quick pre-written reply. We have about 30 to cover many topics.
decline Send a polite No Thanks. Please use when applicable — members appreciate closure.

Premium Goodies

Basic membership covers nearly all features of our site, communication included. For those wishing to enable additional features, we offer very low cost premium-level subscriptions:

Free vs Subscription Features
$3/m $6/q $12/y
$6/m $12/q $24/y
$9/m $18/q $36/y
Send/Read E-mails
Home Locations 1123
Primary (Profile) Photo
Block specific members from viewing you or contacting you
You have New Mail notices
Standard, Private, Credentials Gallery Photos*26262626
View Standard Gallery Photos*24826
Share Private, Credentials Gallery Photos*
View Private, Credentials Gallery Photos*04826
QuickTexts (your own canned messages)01832
Private Text/Video Messenger
Travel Locations 00110
Diary (private member notes)
Hide specific members from search results
Exclude Photo-less members from search results
Block Photo-less members from contacting you
Hide site advertising
* Photo Gallery Details

To subscribe at a premium-level, click Subscribe

Tokens T are another feature that may be used one-off with or without a subscription. Tokens may be used for sending gifts, special delivery, delivery confirmation, and becoming a featured member.

Learn more about Tokens here: Learn about Tokens. Click Buy Tokens to buy tokens.

E-mail Retention

Messages in your VeggieConnection.com Mailbox are retained for the life of your account. Deleted messages are retained for 30 days. Messages moved to your Purged folder will be removed immediately.

How do I know when I receive a new message?

When a member sends a greeting or e-mail :

  1. The message will be copied into the sender's VeggieConnection.com Mailbox Sent box and recipient's VeggieConnection.com Mailbox Inbox, and
  2. A "You Have New Mail" notice will be sent to the recipient's VeggieConnection.com registered internet e-mail address (along with the sender's profile photo, if one).
  3. We remind members (at their internet e-mail address) every 7 days over 30 days (4 times) if any Inbox messages remain unread.

How do I read my e-mails and reply?

  1. Click My Mailbox (home page or from the top menu)
  2. Click the message you wish to read.
  3. Click one of the reply, greet reply, or decline buttons while viewing a message to reply.

Further Help

Most questions may be answered by clicking Help in the top menu and asking a question. From there you may also contact our staff.