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  1. atmarama   Will it ever be possible to get Vitamin B12 from Vegetarian resources and not manufactured?
    November 22 2021 Like
  2. atmarama   Putting together the formula for Sourdough Bread high in Vitamin B12 is a challenge.
    34 hr ago Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   Perhaps you will invent it!
    27 hr ago Like
  4. atmarama   The essential ingredients for Sourdough Bread high in Vitamin B12 which have been reported after studies are : *Propionibacterium freudenreichii which is used to make Emmental cheese *Rice bran and Buckwheat bran These items are usually not available at the supermarket. Try whole grain flour or at least whole wheat to make the Sourdough-bread. Another natural source of Vitamin B12 to try is fermented rice. "Starving Artists " may be limited by "Hobo" standards. Entrepreneurs may consider starting a Cafe with a name like "B12" and feature a variety of vegetarian foods high in Vitamin B12.
    3 hr ago Like
  5. atmarama   Incredible Plants to Advocate : Moringa & Duckweed Moringa has incredible health & nutrition properties. Moringa leaves have all amino acids! Duckweed has multiple benefits in Aquaculture and may have some Vitamin B12 for Vegans. Both of these plants are crucial for the survival needs of people wherever they can be responsibly farmed. These plants can turn into invasive species under certain circumstances and if not kept under control. Are there any other plants that vegans and vegetarians should know about?
    November 18 2021 Like
  6. atmarama   There were some very isolated arguments regarding the health effects of Moringa on certain people. Children and Pregnant women should check with your Professional Health Care Provider.
    November 18 2021 Like
  7. ShinyFoil   Do you think it's a good idea to form an all-vegan society? please explain your stance on this topic as well as any location suggestions for the vegan continent/state or city.
    November 4 2021 Like
  8. MilwaukeeProf   Are you thinking about something like a 1960s commune or Utopias? Those tend to fail pretty fast.
    November 5 2021 Like
  9. VegInNotOut   The support is great but we can get that right here. I think that being integrated gets the word out and more converts, as seems to be happening a lot with things like restaurants that either cater to both or are just excellent chefs operating wholly vegan restaurants where the mainstream goes.
    November 7 2021 Like
  10. MilwaukeeProf   Good point: let your light shine!
    November 7 2021 Like
  11. ShinyFoil   I personally think people who are vegan are just smarter, and that those who are of adult age and are not seeing the signs as well as willing to change to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle are just holding true vegans back. They did just give us the Corona virus after all!!! *sighs* And lastly, I'm not interested in their so-called cures because the next pandemic is just around the corner because of their lack of understanding that all nutritional needs can be met with a plant-based diet! I definitely am confident that an all vegan-minded community will thrive! I just don't know if I can live alongside gluten-free vegans!
    November 9 2021 Like
  12. VegInNotOut   I think the greater good is to help more people find their way, however and to whatever extent they might, to do less harm to animals...
    November 11 2021 Like
  13. atmarama   Vegans apparently have to count on the manufacture of at least Vitamin B12 for supplements. Vegans can try certain foods that have at least some Vitamin B12 that is formed naturally. Nutritional Yeast is dependent on fortification to have Vitamin B12. Lacto vegetarians can turn to dairy products for some Vitamin B12, but probably need some extra supplements. When women and children are involved it is no longer just the right to limit one's diet or to fast. This is when women are pregnant, lactating, or just in the care of children. How much hope for Vitamin B12 from Sourdough-bread?
    November 12 2021 Like
  14. MilwaukeeProf   Veganism is a fine way of life. It is built on gentleness and taking better care of the beautiful world God created. That said, vegans are still people, like everyone else, with their own personality quirks. Vegans can be just as annoying, pushy, controlling, unreasonable and jerkish as the rest. A commune of vegans would still face those challenges. There is nothing magical about having them all grouped together in a commune. An acquaintance once told this joke: Question---How can you tell when a vegan comes into the room? Answer---He will announce it.
    November 13 2021 Like
  15. VegInNotOut   hahaha -- one of the jokes that is truth wrapped in a smile no doubt
    November 13 2021 Like
  16. MilwaukeeProf   Yes, it may be truth wrapped in a smile but is also from someone who mocks my way of life because I won't go out with him. This is a man who looks like Rip Van Winkle, is quite overweight and has had both a heart attack and heart surgery. After making sending me an image of a cow pooping on flowers with the caption "my lunch just s***on your lunch" he was demoted from friend to acquaintance. Good old Brett.
    November 15 2021 Like
  17. atmarama   The Hare Krsna belief which is in development by ISKCON has various dietary issues. This means that the Vegan diet is very much appreciated because in the ultimate Frugal eating is very much advocated. According to Hare Krsna there is Fasting from grains and beans once or twice a month. This starts to seem like a big fuss over whether any grains or beans are in the food eaten that day. But in the ultimate following of this Fasting once or twice a month extremists will totally fast and may even go without water. In a desert environment more common place to sometimes go the whole day without water. Overall those dedicating themselves to extremes will try to eat very Frugal at meals and possibly only a handful of food for the whole day. All of these extremes in diet are for adults believing that they will achieve a higher Spiritual understanding. This is not for children and mothers. This spiritual perspective is about respecting the lives of all animals if not insects. According to this belief every life form is ultimately a soul trapped in the Wheel of Samsara. Of course, common Courtesy and common Etiquette is an ongoing struggle in today's society.
    November 15 2021 Like
  18. atmarama   Human beings have physical and mental abilities that allow them to stray from more civilized thought and action. This allows us to go to hell or we can go to heaven. Unhealthy habits contribute to uncivilized behavior.
    34 hr ago Like
  19. atmarama   Kreschmer Wheat Germ has Vitamin A palmitate as an Additive. Vitamin A palmitate is listed as sometimes derived from soy but may have non-vegetarian origins. Eat this brand of wheat germ at your own risk.
    October 27 2021 Like
  20. MilwaukeeProf   Count me out twice. Thanks for sharing that news.
    October 28 2021 Like
  21. Tveg   Speaking of ingredients, I assume most of you already know this one. Many bread and bread products have human hair, duck feathers, or chicken feathers in them. It's in it if you see L-cysteine listed as an ingredient.
    October 28 2021 Like
  22. VegInNotOut   Thanks, Tveg. Any idea why? It seems there are plenty of insidious examples where that is a deliberate process like bananas sprayed with chitosan to keep them from browning and salted nuts using gelatin or such to make the salt adhere to the nut... but that one with bread is a puzzlement for me.
    October 29 2021 Like
  23. VegInNotOut   (and she gets her own rebound) Dough stretcher and life extender... not for the feathered, alas!
    October 29 2021 Like
  24. Tveg   VeginNotOut, I had only remembered it was something to condition the dough, and was going to look it up. Fortunately, I've never seen it in any upper crust breads (pun intended). My Sister was shocked when I told her the peanuts she had been eating for years have gelatin added. I like to say omnivores have the most devious minds in regards to adding animal parts to any food item they can.
    October 29 2021 Like
  25. VegInNotOut   I suspect a lot of people are just not aware of what all is in their food - and the labeling laws often deliberately promote ignorance. I'm pretty sure that if their bread ingredients indicated bird feathers, even some omnivores would be repelled.
    October 31 2021 Like
  26. atmarama   Vegan women and children are at risk regarding impure food products such as wheat germ. It may be possible to check with the manufacturer and have a talk with them regarding the details of their ingredients. There are some sites online with additive information for vegans. Some people seem to have made a science our of Sourdough. But are they researching how to make sourdough-bread that has more vitamin B12?
    November 1 2021 Like
  27. MilwaukeeProf   Are vegan men not at risk, just women and kids?
    November 7 2021 Like
  28. atmarama   Women often care for children and this can be stressful. But, at least, when women are pregnant or lactating they will have unique nutritional needs. And so Vegan women and children might be looking for what should be a food safe for vegans. Unfortunately this wheat germ product is not offering a guarantee of being strictly safe for vegans.
    November 12 2021 Like
  29. MilwaukeeProf   Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying.
    November 13 2021 Like
  30. atmarama   Great Value Nutritional Yeast purchased at Walmart is made in China and claims to have Vitamin B12. But Vitamin B12 is not listed as an additive. Information about this product is not showing up on Google search. All Vitamin B12 supplements are made from manufacturing which has been said to be Vegan approved. But the ingredients listing should state any additive even if so-called fortification. There is a recent report that some Chinese people are tired of working long hours for little pay. It is uncertain how many people are involved. But a good many people there are not dedicating themselves to Employment. And there have been severe pollution reports. The point is that Chinese people are suffering sometimes and this is not about putting down the Chinese people. More importantly, why is it necessary to import food into the USA from overseas? What is the extent of this food labeling problem?
    November 16 2021 Like
  31. atmarama   There was a rumor that Russia had outlawed vegetarian diet. But this may have been a part of a particular deprogramming effort. Google says that tourists can get some of their Vegetarian dietary needs. Some of their culture groups are predominantly vegetarian. Vegetarian Tourists beware. Some areas are big on meat eating. Some institutions in the USA are big on meat-eating.
    October 10 2021 Like
  32. atmarama   Too much traveling can be a greater risk for those serious about their Vegetarian diet. Some areas of the world may have a grocery or farmers market where you may be able to purchase vegetarian food items rather than being at risk going to a Cafe or restaurant.
    October 21 2021 Like
  33. MilwaukeeProf   I'd hesitate travel anyway since so many people in so many parts of the world eat animals of one kind or another. The choice seems to eat it and betray my values in order to fit in and act like a happy tourist or stick with my values and unintentionally insult everyone around me (and draw unwanted attention to myself) by refusing to engage in their barbaric practices. I'll stay home and eat beans, thanks.
    October 25 2021 Like
  34. atmarama   People who somehow put it together to travel may also be putting their values at risk as well as possibly risking their life. Some people may believe that traveling is terribly important to them. If this is the case then perhaps there is a way to plan ahead. Make sure there are markets where vegetarian foods can be purchased and that it is possible to bring food back to their place of residence to dine at home.
    November 4 2021 Like
  35. MilwaukeeProf   Then again, all their global adventures emit more greenhouse gases. If I want to "travel" I can watch Rick Steves re-runs.
    November 4 2021 Like
  36. atmarama   It is all ultimately in the mind. Conceivably there is plenty of sites to learn about through the internet.
    November 12 2021 Like
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