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  1.  astatine   Quick straw polls...
    How many people have heard of "DevOps"?
    (You're allowed to look it up if you answered No to the first question)
    Is this really just a new name (for some existing stuff) or genuinely a new thing?
    August 6 2017 • Like
  2.  Tveg   I saw both a bumble bee and a Monarch butterfly in my yard on the same day! It's exciting to see such rare wildlife these days.
    July 5 2017 • Like
  3.  shear37   It's a sad world where the sighting of a bumblebee and a butterfly are notable events. We're in the middle of the 6th major extinction event this planet has ever known and new studies have found its worse than previously thought.

    Most people don't seem to care even though when the last bee and butterfly go so do the last humans. Only then, when there are no more humans, does this planet have a chance at life.

    Unless... there are enough of us now who keep up the good fight in hopes there's enough bees and butterflies left (plus lions and tigers and sharks too) in case someday enough humans wake up and care enough to save what's left.
    July 11 2017 • Like
  4.  MilwaukeeProf   My monarch pal came home about a week ago and there do seem fewer and fewer bees this year. My yard is sanctuary and feeding ground for all, but we need more safe habitat.
    July 15 2017 • Like
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