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  1.  dragonfly422   has anyone ever received a message from somebody on this site, but the sender didn't even look your profile first? it just happened to me, and the message was overly complimentary and asking to know more about me. they would know more about me if they actually looked at my profile first, duh!
    30 hr ago • Like
  2.  dragonfly422   plus, they seem to have rushed through setting up their profile.
    30 hr ago • Like
  3.  MilwaukeeProf   My best guess is that it is probably another scammer. I'd watch for Ken to close the account,especially if a "new member."
    If not a scammer then it is just someone too stupid to bother with!

    Thanks for sharing. 'Tis the season!
    23 hr ago • Like
  4.  MilwaukeeProf   As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let us keep gratitude foremost in our minds and strive to practice it year round.

    What are your top five to ten blessings?

    Do you keep a thankfulness journal?
    November 19 2019 • Like
  5.  plusfit   not in accordance with 'thanksgiving' necessarily, but dare me to respond:
    FOR 1. prudence 2. family 3. joviality 4. being very fit and healthful 5. preternatural talent and ability being constantly manifested

    - no thankfulness journal nor of any sort, but i will be mindful to be continuously thankful!
    November 20 2019 • Like
  6.  MilwaukeeProf   And "poof" Plusfit is gone
    December 7 2019 • Like
  7.  plusfit   i am a new member, saying hello and that i would like to see an active community here ... turns out that people do check in regularly (as evidenced by last login dates) and some even looked at my profile (for pics, i am sure) - i am here for conversation and community, cordialities ... all else should come just as naturally
    November 19 2019 • Like
  8.  MilwaukeeProf   Welcome!
    November 20 2019 • Like
  9.  Tveg   Welcome, plusfit!
    November 24 2019 • Like
  10.  jankanda   DonĀ“t worry
    November 18 2019 • Like
  11.  MilwaukeeProf   Be happy!
    November 20 2019 • Like
  12.  dragonfly422   as Thanksgiving is coming soon, what will everyone be doing? I hope that I can share a potluck with some local vegan folks.
    November 14 2019 • Like
  13.  Tveg   Thai Curry with my Mom and Sister.
    November 17 2019 • Like
  14.  shear37   Not sure about Thai Curry, but Tim Curry was great in Rocky Horror and a host of other movies.
    2 days ago • Like
  15.  MilwaukeeProf   Ann Curry was good on NBC and then got treated badly for being Asian ancestry when the real ratings problem was the arrogant serial sex predator Matt.

    A local TV station showed "Harold and Maude" a few weeks back. As far as I know there was nobody named Curry in it, but I wanted to share that with you anyway.:)
    23 hr ago • Like
  16.  shear37   I watched The Three Amigos this week. No Curry in that either, since we're sharing. But there was a Short, Martin, & Chase. I did like Ann Curry. Still never had Thai Curry.
    13 hr ago • Like
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