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  1.  MilwaukeeProf   trump happens.

    How long can you hold your breath?
    3 days ago • Like
  2.  dragonfly422   totally tuning out Drumpf today
    3 days ago • Like
  3.  Tveg   My record is 2 minutes 42 seconds, so it won't get me very far. No one could argue against it being one of the scariest and most embarrassing days our country has ever had!
    34 hr ago • Like
  4.  shear37   There are so many reasons to fear/worry/despair about this election, from climate change and what we're doing to the natural world to how we treat each other whether as immigrants or providing healthcare.

    Although I grew up during the Cold War, learned all the duck and cover crap, and was well informed about the dangers of nukes... the morning after the election of "he whose name we dare not utter out loud" is the first time in my life I felt genuine fear at the reality of a mutually assured destruction nuclear war. That's because Drumpf hasn't a clue.

    During one foreign policy briefing he asked the experts advising him 3 times - if we have nukes why can't we use them. This brain damaged tyrant (no doubt a result of his losing the battle against STD's, which he describes as his own personal Vietnam) and an upbringing with too many silver spoons stuffed in his mouth (and up his nose) has no business controlling the fate of the earth. I don't like Pence, but let's hope the impeachment happens soon.

    Hopefully a firm resistance, with a heavy helping of humor, will see us all through till that day we can finally start breathing again.
    33 hr ago • Like
  5.  obnkc   Hello everyone haven't been here in quite a while just checking everything out
    January 8 2017 • Like
  6.  astatine   Hello. So, does everything check out ok then?
    January 9 2017 • Like
  7.  MilwaukeeProf   Welcome back, obnkc.

    Perhaps you will even share with me what that stands for!
    January 10 2017 • Like
  8.  MilwaukeeProf   Then again,maybe not.....
    January 14 2017 • Like
  9.  redskinette82   Merry Christmas! ;-)
    December 25 2016 • Like
  10.  Tveg   A belated merry Christmas to you also, redskinette82!
    December 27 2016 • Like
  11.  astatine   I phoned up for a takeaway the other day. It was my "Chinese New Year" celebration.
    January 9 2017 • Like
  12.  shear37   Let me be the first to wish you a very early Merry Christmas... only 345 shopping days to go.
    January 12 2017 • Like
  13.  MilwaukeeProf   As we celebrate Thanksgiving officially to day, what are you most thankful for?
    November 24 2016 • Like
  14.  MilwaukeeProf   I am grateful for:
    Planet Earth
    My sister
    My niece and her family
    Honey bees
    Enough Food
    Clean water
    My jobs
    Medical care from good alternative practitioners
    Friends who are humans
    Electricity,especially from solar power

    OK, your turn.....
    November 24 2016 • Like
  15.  Tveg   What first popped into my mind is I'm thankful some of us are vegetarians and vegans, especially on Thanksgiving (and the turkeys concur)!
    November 24 2016 • Like
  16.  dragonfly422   I'm grateful for the internet, especially since I'll be having to move to a place where my access will be limited :-(
    November 26 2016 • Like
  17.  MilwaukeeProf   Where are you going? Why? New job with a better boss?
    November 26 2016 • Like
  18.  astatine   I am grateful for being able to look stuff up online.
    For example the other day I found myself at a screening of some cheesy old movie. Only when I read about it online afterwards did I come to understand that the "confused turkey on the calendar" cartoon was a topical in-joke (at the time) about "Franksgiving".
    December 25 2016 • Like
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