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  1.  dragonfly422   October starts in a few hours. Exciting or not?
    September 30 2017 • Like
  2.  Tveg   Not! One day closer to winter.
    September 30 2017 • Like
  3.  shear37   I used to enjoy October. I even used to love winter cold. But in recent years I seem to mourn the passing of summer more than I look forward to months of darkness and freezing temperatures. So no, not exciting. Although I enjoy all seasons I wish we could have summer for a bit longer each year. Maybe we could get the earth to pause on its journey around the sun for a few weeks each year, sometime between July and August.
    October 9 2017 • Like
  4.  MilwaukeeProf   October can be gorgeous,but mostly it just leaves me feeling sad about winter coming and the losses that October has dealt me through the years. One good thing from October is that Lucky arrived in my life in October, two weeks after Lacey passed away.
    6 days ago • Like
  5.  astatine   So, I'll be outta here pretty soon. Looks like everyone else already left.
    September 24 2017 • Like
  6.  Tveg   Did you meet your match made in heaven?
    September 28 2017 • Like
  7.  dragonfly422   what? where are you going?
    September 30 2017 • Like
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