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  1.  MilwaukeeProf   Today is Dragonfly's birthday in addition to being Earth Day and the birthday of my grandnephew. Three fine reasons to celebrate!
    38 hr ago • Like
  2.  dragonfly422   There needs to be an addition to the profile preferences: have animals y/n; wants animals y/n. Why don't we have this in place yet?
    March 19 2017 • Like
  3.  astatine   Different people like different animals. Supposing you like (say) cats, ponies or budgies - would a simple y/n flag be conveying useful information if the other person likes (say) dogs, goldfish, or tarantulas?
    March 25 2017 • Like
  4.  astatine   Just on a related topic -
    Supposing you have a cherished pet bird or reptile (or duck-billed platypus.) You want to give it a birthday party. Should the party be timed to coincide with the anniversary of when the egg was laid, or when it hatched, or...?
    March 25 2017 • Like
  5.  dragonfly422   quiet here. what's everybody up to?
    March 2 2017 • Like
  6.  MilwaukeeProf   Working too much and enjoying the return of my robin friend as well as Stripey the Chipmunk on Tuesday. And you?
    March 3 2017 • Like
  7.  dragonfly422   looking forward to better times.
    March 4 2017 • Like
  8.  shear37   "it's getting better, a little better all the time... can't get no worse" - Lennon & McCartney
    March 13 2017 • Like
  9.  astatine   Philosophising.
    March 25 2017 • Like
  10.  shear37   Satirizing!
    April 5 2017 • Like
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