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  1. MilwaukeeProf   Which annoys you more: A) Medicare Advantage commercials B) Negative political ads C) Commercials for pharmaceuticals
    November 5 2022 Like
  2. VegInNotOut   none -- FF :)
    November 6 2022 Like
  3. VegInNotOut   I should qualify that -- I think that for the print mailings, it has to be Medicare Advantage... I am getting at least several each day since a couple of weeks before open enrollment started
    November 7 2022 Like
  4. MilwaukeeProf   OK, thanks. Now, can you clue me in about "FF," please?
    November 7 2022 Like
  5. VegInNotOut   Fast Forward :)
    November 7 2022 Like
  6. MilwaukeeProf   Ooooooooooh! I was wondering. French Fry? Flying Fanelli? Now I know.
    November 7 2022 Like
  7. Tveg   I was also curious about FF, so looked it up, but came up with different answers. In email, friends forever. In Facebook flashback Friday. On Twitter, follow Friday or friends forever, whew!
    November 12 2022 Like
  8. Tveg   MilwaukeeProfessor, I will answer D. Negative Republican political ads as they are usually outright lies.
    November 12 2022 Like
  9. MilwaukeeProf   Amen to that!
    November 13 2022 Like
  10. VegInNotOut   Happy Fat Bear week!
    October 4 2022 Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   And to you! I never heard of it.
    October 5 2022 Like
  12. MilwaukeeProf   I saw in the news today that Perjury Taylor Greene's husband is divorcing her. Do you suppose he hired the Gazpacho Police to serve the papers? If served, would they be in a "peach tree dish?"
    September 29 2022 Like
  13. VegInNotOut   <groan>! :) I used to think it was hard to shock me, but I confess to being flabbergasted at lo the many clearly batsh*t people who are part of our gov now.
    October 1 2022 Like
  14. MilwaukeeProf   She is a piece of work. Well, a piece of something, anyway. You can decide for yourself what that is.
    October 2 2022 Like
  15. VegInNotOut   Lots of newsbytes talking about her positioned for power if the next Congress shifts Republican. Truly will be the inmates running the asylum.
    October 11 2022 Like
  16. astatine   If you are looking for a high quality, steady partner - it's a waste of time going to nightclubs. Discuss.
    September 7 2022 Like
  17. atmarama   Okay
    September 14 2022 Like
  18. VegInNotOut   I met one that I had for 9 years (and is still my BFF) at a disco (!) in the 1980s... so, my experience says disagree. :)
    September 26 2022 Like
  19. astatine   A man or woman with a "high body count", is likely to be a low-value option for you, if what you are seeking is a steady relationship or marriage. A person who has been posting nude film/pictures of themselves online, is an even worse choice. Discuss.
    September 7 2022 Like
  20. atmarama   Some potential partners may be a greater risk for marriage.
    September 14 2022 Like
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