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  1.  Tveg   On behalf of Turkeys everywhere, a thank you to veggies here for saving lives on Thanksgiving!
    November 24 2017 • Like
  2. November 21 2017 • Like
  3.  dragonfly422   Happy Thanksgiving :-)
    November 21 2017 • Like
  4.  Tveg   You too!
    November 22 2017 • Like
  5.  dragonfly422   Does anyone else get the feeling that they're living in The Twilight Zone with all the crazy news? My need to stay informed is constantly at odds with my need to stay sane!
    November 17 2017 • Like
  6.  shear37   I've always been a news junkie. I like to stay informed. I even used to like listening to those with opposing views because it strengthened my own arguments. But in this age when those with opposing views spout unintelligible gibberish while their brains melt through their eye sockets I have to try to stay sane. So when he whose name we dare not speak starts talking I turn it off.

    The Twilight Zone at least made sense in its own reality. This is just absurd. Feels almost like we're witnessing the end of times. Up is down. Lies have become alternative facts. And conservatives have given up screaming about being in the moral majority so they can defend pedophiles. The only rational explanation is someone put LSD in our water supply and we're all having a bad trip together.
    November 20 2017 • Like
  7.  dragonfly422   Twilight Zone rules!
    November 21 2017 • Like
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