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  1. VegInNotOut   In response to more people with brain worms from eating meat: don't do that then. What am I missing?
    May 24 2024 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   They're stupid, perhaps. It serves them right, perhaps. The brain worm thing may explain why certain people running for president and espousing kooky ideas and their supporters are like that. My guess is all that you're missing is a brain worm. If you were a Millennial, you may want to get a brain worm so as not to miss out.
    May 25 2024 Like
  3. VegInNotOut   ...and now, the shellfish on the west coast are fighting back as well. Go nature! Not sure how prevalent the brain worm thing is, but some of my favorite people are millennials, so not touching that one. :)
    June 1 2024 Like
  4. MilwaukeeProf   "OK, Boomer"
    June 3 2024 Like
  5. VegInNotOut   hahaha! Just read up on Boomer traits and I apparently went rogue on the optimism one.
    June 5 2024 Like
  6. MilwaukeeProf   Do we no longer stand with Ukraine?
    May 7 2024 Like
  7. CustomerCare   Yes, we do. However, we're undergoing a home page redesign as it was pointed out by a consulting firm that the home page is slow to load on small devices. We felt the Ukraine banner had been there sufficiently long. Other changes are on their way. Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!
    May 7 2024 Like
  8. MilwaukeeProf   Ah. Thanks for explaining, Ken.
    May 9 2024 Like
  9. MilwaukeeProf   Sending peace, love and blessings to all departed and departing souls of all species as well as to those who mourn and have to make painful decisions.
    April 14 2024 Like
  10. MilwaukeeProf   But not to anyone who shoots puppies, goats and horses. That's just evil.
    April 30 2024 Like
  11. VegInNotOut   Are you assuming that was actually a painful decision for that particular "anyone"?
    May 9 2024 Like
  12. CustomerCare   "There are no untrainable dogs—just untrained humans" - Brandon McMillan, Dog Trainer
    May 9 2024 Like
  13. MilwaukeeProf   I try not to make assumptions. That decision and the loss is always painful as well as difficult. The "anyone " in question was having a tough time.
    May 9 2024 Like
  14. MilwaukeeProf   Poor Cricket and poor goat. Poor, stupid people of South Dakota who elected a psychopath as governor.
    May 10 2024 Like
  15. MilwaukeeProf   Lest anyone be confused, the person I was sending peace to was one of us, not the puppy and goat killer.
    May 10 2024 Like
  16. VegInNotOut   ...and for my clarification, the caveat of "not to anyone who shoots puppies, goats and horses," was where I was questioning the link to "those who have to make painful decisions." That anyone undoubtedly bore no pain until she published that info.
    May 12 2024 Like
  17. MilwaukeeProf   Nope, I won't be sending her any positive energy.
    May 13 2024 Like
  18. VegInNotOut   Guess that worked -- she's off the list of Trump VP prospects. Read that it isn't that he cared about that, but the voters do.
    June 8 2024 Like
  19. MilwaukeeProf   And so, kiddies, another new member tried his moves on me and again, I said no. Again, said new member was revealed to be some sort of scammer and had got his dishonest heinie kicked off the site. Good work, Customer Care! And we all lived happily ever after.
    April 13 2024 Like
  20. VegInNotOut   You must be some kinda magnet there, MP. :) (not that I envy you that)
    April 17 2024 Like
  21. MilwaukeeProf   Evidently. Thankfully, I'm pretty good at spotting scammers. Maybe the Universe sends them to me in order to spare you. Gotta go now; my cape needs ironing. It gets so wrinkled when I fly. The wind over tall buildings and forests really does a number on it.
    April 20 2024 Like
  22. VegInNotOut   Thank you for your service.
    April 20 2024 Like
  23. MilwaukeeProf   Aw, shucks, ma'am. Just doing my job. Is my halo on straight?
    April 20 2024 Like