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  1.  dragonfly422   a great addition to people's profiles would be lifestyle questions similar to another website (which I call OkayStupid).
    March 23 2018 • Like
  2.  GODSUN   I just had a company keep telling me that fish is within the vegetarian diet, so some people will claim vegetarian, but not be. For some reason my picture is not showing, unless a person clicks on my profile and views my standard photo. I don't pay to use the site, so I guess that's why.
    March 19 2018 • Like
  3.  Tveg   Nice to see you here, GODSUN. I had a waiter at a Thai restaurant tell me some vegetarians eat chicken and some eat fish! He said you learn all about such things working at a restaurant. He assured me the dishes we ordered had no seafood in them. I saw him two minutes after the order and asked if he was sure we wouldn't be needing an ambulance for anaphylactic shock as my partner is allergic to shell fish. He suddenly quickly left, came back, and said he "just discovered" there was shellfish in the dish! How disgusting to be lied to!
    March 24 2018 • Like
  4.  MilwaukeeProf   Hi Godsun: I can see your picture just fine here in the blog, if that helps you. Like you I am currently a free rider.

    T-that is disgusting, yet I am happy that you have a partner now.

    Less than a month until Dragonfly's birthday.

    That is my three in-one-message. Soon I will steam-clean the carpets
    March 25 2018 • Like
  5.  shear37   I'm all for the exploding popularity of veggie diets. I even applaud people who simply cut out some animal products from their diet, like for Meatless Mondays. Every little bit helps. But eating veggie on Monday doesn't make you either vegetarian or vegan.

    When I first went veggie I often had to explain to people what that meant, then take whatever abuse they wanted to pile on me. Today being veggie is becoming cool. So people want to climb on the bandwagon. However some do so by calling themselves veggie for simply not eating as much meat as they once ate. It happens a lot in the real world. It's happening more and more on Veggie Connection too, which was once a place to meet others who abstain from meat.

    There are people transitioning to a veggie diet. That's good. Most of us didn't do it overnight. But if the transition becomes permanent... again, not veggie.

    I just clicked on the profile of a woman who listed herself as "Raw Vegan". That's a pretty straightforward, strict diet. Cool. However farther down her profile she says she eats some eggs and fish. That's not in any way vegan. It's not even vegetarian.

    Keep alternative facts in Washington. In the real world, including on Veggie Connection, calling yourself veggie with a mouthful of meat is still a lie. You're either veggie or not. It's that simple.
    March 11 2018 • Like
  6.  Tveg   I agree, shear37! On a different site, I saw a claimed vegan posing with the shotgun she had just used to kill fifteen ducks, all proudly hanging next to her! What is wrong with some people?
    March 12 2018 • Like
  7.  MilwaukeeProf   Perhaps the reason it is becoming so cool is and trendy! We set a good example and people want to affiliate with something bigger than themselves. The problem is that they should grow into the role before claiming the title. People lie about lots of things like having a college degree when they do not, jobs they say they have held, etc. The same seems true in reverse. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone after Watergate who will admit to having voted for Nixon.

    Killing 15 ducks is vegan now? Are we to think she shoots them just for the joy of watching them die? Psycho. Fish are vegetables now, too? Fascinating!
    March 13 2018 • Like
  8.  argon   gewd gawd, what a massacre... remind me to ignore her even if she was the last female human on earth. .. but that would make the reminder (person) a ghost ... oh well, i've heard crazier things lately, like in Madagascar, their native ritual traditions of exhuming corpses for "dancing"? .. .. and now these traditional peeps are dead, and killed others with plague ... one has to stand back and wonder .. like really think about our "intelligence" as a species ... we may stumble across the idea that: we are most definitely NOT "equal", we are scary, insane, unstable, selfish, reckless, dangerous, retarded ... but also beautiful, kind, loving, generous, clever, hopeful ... i think the definition of "being human" should include "contradiction" and "double standards" .. the latter especially of (most) women.
    March 15 2018 • Like
  9.  Tveg   argon, I agree with almost all of what you said, and it is so sad.
    Luckily, I have not found most women I've known to have double standards.
    March 24 2018 • Like
  10.  MilwaukeeProf   Just hairy backs......
    March 29 2018 • Like
  11.  argon   @Tveg - you don't have to be so darn polite man, if you didn't like what I said, then tell it like it is; Most (modern) women do in fact thrive on double-standards and they get away with it, as if it's their God-given right to trample on any common sense or virtues - and only have virtues when it's most self-serving ... this world is such a mess, why doesn't God just burn it all down, me including, i don't want to live in this junk heap any longer, it's sickening.
    April 1 2018 • Like
  12.  MilwaukeeProf   And so Argon, seeming to be another troubled soul, has left the site.

    Elvis has left the building, too.
    April 10 2018 • Like
  13.  shear37   Was Elvis in the building? Guess I missed him. I first became an Elvis fan when I saw him on Saturday Night Live. They introduced Elvis Costello and I thought oh no, just another Elvis impersonator. Then he sang. He didn't sound anything like Elvis. I still have his first album "My Aim Is True". As far as that other Elvis, I like pre-Army Elvis. But he didn't sound anything like Elvis Costello so I guess he wouldn't have made a very good Elvis impersonator.
    April 11 2018 • Like
  14.  MilwaukeeProf   If you follow the trail of gravy, you just may be able to catch him. Be careful not to slip in it.
    April 12 2018 • Like
  15.  MilwaukeeProf   If you didn't feel well and your doctor said you needed to eat animals in order to be healthy, what would you do?
    March 4 2018 • Like
  16.  CustomerCare   Change doctors
    March 4 2018 • Like
  17.  argon   good call CustomerCare, if it were me, i'd tell that doctor to wrap his opinion in an enema, and use as instructed on the packaging.
    March 15 2018 • Like
  18.  MilwaukeeProf   If your doctor said the only way for you to survive your medical problem was to get a transplant from an animal other than human, like a pig's heart valve, what would you do?
    March 4 2018 • Like
  19.  Tveg   If it was the only way to survive, I...I...aye yi yi!
    March 12 2018 • Like
  20.  argon   umm. no. there's a line here that many vegetarians don't get.
    I've been vegetarian all my life; that doesn't mean i think animals are people, because: they are not.

    Here's a question for you:
    if you were to be in a situation where you have to choose which to save between 2 beings: a puppy, or a baby, which one will you save?
    .. ya i asked my ex that and she told me: "i won't answer that" ... (crickets) ... ya, people become so caught up in their own delusions that their own reality gets distorted beyond any hope for sense - but they believe themselves to be "rational" because of their choice of lifestyle... .. the only fool is one who fools himself. .. and if you are so gender-biased that you can only see him/her and not "us" then I feel sorry for you.. We are human beings who confused ourselves so much that we actually believe that being hom0sexual is "moral" and should be encouraged? .. are we stupid or just delusional?

    ... if my doctor told be the only way i had to survive is to be fused with an animal - i'll browse around for a 2nd/3rd opinion.... .. as if medicine/science is "opinion-based" .. gawd life is so oblivious, i wish i can escape this madness somehow.
    March 15 2018 • Like
  21.  MilwaukeeProf   Gotta love old Argon.I asked what you all would do and he wrote "no." What the_________?
    April 13 2018 • Like
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