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  1.  dragonfly422   There needs to be an addition to the profile preferences: have animals y/n; wants animals y/n. Why don't we have this in place yet?
    March 19 2017 • Like
  2.  astatine   Different people like different animals. Supposing you like (say) cats, ponies or budgies - would a simple y/n flag be conveying useful information if the other person likes (say) dogs, goldfish, or tarantulas?
    2 days ago • Like
  3.  astatine   Just on a related topic -
    Supposing you have a cherished pet bird or reptile (or duck-billed platypus.) You want to give it a birthday party. Should the party be timed to coincide with the anniversary of when the egg was laid, or when it hatched, or...?
    2 days ago • Like
  4.  dragonfly422   quiet here. what's everybody up to?
    March 2 2017 • Like
  5.  MilwaukeeProf   Working too much and enjoying the return of my robin friend as well as Stripey the Chipmunk on Tuesday. And you?
    March 3 2017 • Like
  6.  dragonfly422   looking forward to better times.
    March 4 2017 • Like
  7.  shear37   "it's getting better, a little better all the time... can't get no worse" - Lennon & McCartney
    March 13 2017 • Like
  8.  astatine   Philosophising.
    2 days ago • Like
  9.  dragonfly422   <3 Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, especially the members of the Lonely Hearts Club. <3
    February 13 2017 • Like
  10.  MilwaukeeProf   Is Sgt. Pepper still performing with the band?

    (Happy birthday nine weeks early, Dragonfly)
    February 14 2017 • Like
  11.  astatine   Speaking of clubs -
    Has anyone here ever joined, or met a claimed member of, the mile high club?
    2 days ago • Like
  12.  CustomerCare   Reading an article today: A 2010 Harvard study asked participants to evaluate fictional profiles for politicians. Participants thought "power-seeking" men were tougher and more competent than other men. Conversely, participants reacted to "power-seeking" women with "feelings of moral outrage": contempt, anger, and disgust. Except for gender, the actual profiles were identical.
    January 28 2017 • Like
  13.  shear37   I ran into a guy recently who said he knew several people who voted for Drumpf because they didn't want a woman president. So sad. But at least they're honest ignorant bigots.
    January 28 2017 • Like
  14.  astatine   You didn't mention whether the participants were male, female, young, old, rich, poor, clever, dunces, white, black... etc. It would be interesting to get some of each and analyse the data, even if the conclusion was that everybody feels the same way.
    January 29 2017 • Like
  15.  astatine   Voting against a candidate solely because of their gender, makes no more or less sense than voting *for* a candidate on account of their gender. We could probably apply the same reasoning to voting based on race, religion, etc etc.
    January 29 2017 • Like
  16.  MilwaukeeProf   Interesting and not fully surprising, yet ,as I keep reminding myself and my students,she won. Three million more people voted for her, even with Comey's hand on the scale,than voted for whatshisname.
    January 29 2017 • Like
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