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  1. MilwaukeeProf   Too hilarious not to share: Prominent defender of Big Orange Idiot complains that Biden wants to force everyone to drink "plant-based beer." Is there any other kind? Here's the story:
    April 26 2021 Like
  2. Tveg   He is as dumb as Trump!
    April 27 2021 Like
  3. audioeditor   Joe Biden eats ice creams twice a day. He has been contributing to animal abuse since childhood. He also wear leather belt, shoes. You can even watch Kamala Harris preparing turkey for thanksgiving on Youtube here
    May 7 2021 Like
  4. MilwaukeeProf   How many vegans been US president? How many vegetarians have held the job? How many vegans or vegetarians have served as vice president?
    May 8 2021 Like
  5. MilwaukeeProf   Happy birthday to Sarah
    April 22 2021 Like
  6. Tveg   Kiss me baby, I've been vaccinated!
    April 8 2021 Like
  7. shear37   Congratulations! Because I'm in Phase 2 I was only today finally able to sign up to wait to be notified for an appointment in my area. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long. I'm just thankful the Orange Idiot is no longer screwing things up for us.
    April 11 2021 Like
  8. dragonfly422   would like to see additional search criteria: -pets (specifying which ones; would like to have) -relocating (where or how far the person is willing to relocate if they are willing)
    March 24 2021 Like
  9. dragonfly422   Many thanks to Ken and his team for offering free messaging.
    February 20 2021 Like
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