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  1. MilwaukeeProf   Father's Day is approaching. Does anyone want to talk about their father?
    June 14 2021 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   Well, evidently not. As Emily Litella would say: "never mind."
    June 15 2021 Like
  3. atmarama   Meaningful Communication with dad all along probably helps. Thank you
    June 17 2021 Like
  4. atmarama   Am I the only one that never learned to garden?
    June 1 2021 Like
  5. June 1 2021 Like
  6. MilwaukeeProf   It is never too late to learn something new.
    June 1 2021 Like
  7. atmarama   I was just devastated by what might have been aphids. Almost all of the potted broccoli was entirely devoured. I would probably face starvation if I did not have other resources.
    June 4 2021 Like
  8. MilwaukeeProf   Aphids, tiny bright green soft-bodied bugs? These guys?
    June 6 2021 Like
  9. atmarama   I could not see the bugs. Perhaps they were out more at night. But they really devoured the broccoli. Organizing to fight this: *As many nasturtiums planted as possible *Building ladybug nests *Encouraging all beneficial insects *All companion planting
    June 7 2021 Like
  10. MilwaukeeProf   Is eating broccoli punishment enough? (Kidding)
    June 8 2021 Like
  11. atmarama   Unfortunately over cooking broccoli is recommended for taste while under - cooking broccoli may be better for nutrition. If without other resources for foods it may be possible to cook down some wild greens and then there is Vertical Gardening.
    June 8 2021 Like
  12. atmarama   The idea is not just achieving success and perfection in all natural organic gardening and all natural organic farming. It is about Communing with nature and realizing higher and higher intelligence as well as higher and higher Spiritual Realization.
    June 10 2021 Like
  13. atmarama   For the time being there is information on the internet to help with agriculture. But even with the information it still takes getting in the dirt and making it happen.
    June 10 2021 Like
  14. MilwaukeeProf   I think it was Thoreau who said something about pondering growing beans was paradise but actually growing them was tedious. I criticized that attitude in my student days. There is something spiritual in the interactions. Off now to offer some raisins to the robins. The first batch of babies has fledged now and, in just the last week, they have become proficient at picking up and swallowing the raisins on their own. Just a few days ago, they still relied on Daddy Robin to jam the food down for them. Yes, I spend a small fortune on raisins each year, but the peace and joy is worth it to me.
    June 11 2021 Like
  15. atmarama   Comment...funny you should mention - Recently found information on establishing a nest for Ladybugs includes raisins for their food. Honey is also recommended. Ladybugs are sometimes referred to as Lady Birds because they seem to flap what looks almost like wings to jump around. A bird nest was found behind stones that were being moved. The nest contained at least half dozen multicolored eggs. The nest was moved and the mother bird successfully found it.
    June 11 2021 Like
  16. MilwaukeeProf   Neve rbet against those birds.
    June 12 2021 Like
  17. atmarama   Rather large nest for tiny bird The wonders of nature!
    June 12 2021 Like
  18. atmarama   The nest was found empty. Either the bird carried off the eggs or a Predator.
    June 13 2021 Like
  19. June 13 2021 Like
  20. atmarama   Believe it or not - birds can carry eggs in flight. The cuckoo bird carries its egg and drops the egg into the nest of a different bird. Unfortunately the whole thing is not altogether pretty. The baby cuckoo bullies the other birds stealing food and even pushing the other birds out of the nest.
    June 13 2021 Like
  21. MilwaukeeProf   Cowbirds do that, too. Not nice.
    June 14 2021 Like
  22. atmarama   Broccoli still getting destroyed even after the plant pots were put on the roof. The bugs must have remained in the pots.
    July 2 2021 Like
  23. atmarama   Only 3 or 4 brocolli plants surviving. Birds come to the window looking for insects.
    July 16 2021 Like
  24. Tveg   Yippie, had my first wood tick attachment of the year. Not a fan as I've been twice bitten by deer ticks and had so much fun with the result.
    May 24 2021 Like
  25. Freshonly   Hello
    May 24 2021 Like
  26. Tveg   Hello Freshonly!
    May 24 2021 Like
  27. MilwaukeeProf   Hopefully, you removed the little parasite successfully.
    May 25 2021 Like
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