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  1.  GraceHope   Is anyone planning on attending some of the great virtual conferences with evidence based speakers ... like Holistic Holiday (originally a cruise), Plantrician Project or American College of Lifestyle Medicine? Any attending Rodale Institute‚Äôs virtual classes ?
    July 10 2020 • Like
  2.  dragonfly422   how is everyone holding up? sending out positive energy.
    June 12 2020 • Like
  3.  shear37   A little positive energy would certainly help all of us these days. Thanks.
    June 15 2020 • Like
  4.  Alpenglow1   Im holding up alright. I walk, and garden, but all the fun stuff is closed and so why drive all the way to town when I can get food from my garden or pantry?
    June 18 2020 • Like
  5.  dragonfly422   attempting to "get back to normal" has had somewhat predictable results. very disheartening when certain people ruin things for everyone else. normal needs to change, for sure.
    July 1 2020 • Like
  6.  shear37   Changing our new normal begins in November. Most states already allow mail in ballots. Be sure to sign up now so you can stay safe from Covid while making the world safe from madmen in positions of power. Vote. That will certainly help a lot to spread positive energy.
    July 7 2020 • Like
  7.  FEVegan   Dispelling COVID myths

    May 6 2020 • Like
  8.  shear37   I like you tube. Not so sure it's a great place to go to seek out self-professed experts and conspiracy theory nuts who sit in their homes creating videos aimed at the gullible because no credible publisher will give them a platform.
    May 23 2020 • Like
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