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  1. MilwaukeeProf   Tired of childish behavior, bad sportsmanship and generalized insanity? My cousin Diane shared this with me. It is called "Donny Goes To School" and lasts just over a minute:. It seems spot onto me. Enjoy.
    November 6 2020 • Like
  2. shear37   Cool video.

    Well... SUCCESS!!! The Orange Stain has to go now no matter now much he whines and throws a tantrum.
    November 7 2020 • Like
  3. Tveg   It's so very satisfying thinking of how he is going nuts over being a loser! I hope when Biden meets him, he will say "you're fired"! Think I'm going to buy a "We just did! 46" shirt.
    November 10 2020 • Like
  4. shear37   Considering the Orange Idiot's actions since he lost the election I'd say the above video is right on the mark. Let me repeat that. He is a LOSER, bigly. And an even bigger whining baby.
    6 days ago • Like
  5. MilwaukeeProf   I voted last week and dropped off my ballot in the drop box behind Village Hall.

    Have you voted yet?

    We cannot count on the other guy to do it.

    We cannot afford to take anything at all for granted.

    Too much is at stake to sit this one out or get cocky about what the polls tell us.

    Have you voted yet?
    October 12 2020 • Like
  6. shear37   I voted last week. I obviously did NOT vote for the Orange Idiot.
    October 12 2020 • Like
  7. Tveg   Hand delivered mine to the city hall ballot drop box today! This is the most important election of our lifetime!
    October 13 2020 • Like
  8. shear37   I received my email confirmation telling me that my vote to preserve democracy, end presidential-led racism, and defend science arrived safely. Vote!
    October 19 2020 • Like
  9. CustomerCare   I'm on the fence... On the one hand, we have Trump, a pathological liar (exceeding 20,000 lies since taking office), racist, misogynist, foments hate and division over unity, supports white supremacy hate groups, doesn't believe there is systemic racism in the country, doesn't believe in climate change dangers or science in general, wants to gut health care, supports dictators while criticizing our allies, was handed a fabulous economy and destroyed it with his incompetence, is responsible for over 200,000 Americans dying because of his pandemic denials and incompetent response, and was impeached for bribing a foreign leader to swing our election. On the other hand Biden has spent a lifetime helping people as a public servant, is kind and understanding, respects people no matter their beliefs, and has high competency and experience in domestic and foreign policy. I'm racking my brain over this tough call!
    October 21 2020 • Like
  10. dragonfly422   dropped mine at the county courthouse. this is the most serious I've been about a national election AND local government and propositions!
    October 26 2020 • Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   So the Big Orange Idiot and Wife Number Three now have Covid 19.

    Do you suppose he will drink some bleach and shove a lightbulb up his sizable backside for treatment?
    October 2 2020 • Like
  12. CustomerCare   We can only hope.
    October 2 2020 • Like
  13. Tveg   I second the hope for his suggested treatment!
    October 2 2020 • Like
  14. Tveg   Is anyone as worried about the election as I am? Do you think our country could survive four more years of Trump corruption and incompetence with a failed checks and balance system? Odds makers have it very close.
    September 26 2020 • Like
  15. MilwaukeeProf   Things get scarier a couple times each day.
    September 26 2020 • Like
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