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  1. VegInNotOut   Do you support food providers that have some vegan options but may have cross contamination with their non-vegan menu items, in order to encourage their vegan efforts?
    February 12 2023 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   Thanks for asking! That sounds like the "gluten free dilemma" in a way with the cross contamination. The cross contamination could be physically dangerous for the gluten free people while this situation is repugnant and offensive. I think I would support them while also insisting that they do better. If they are going to make a claim and try to go after the dollars of a certain group, then they need to step up and walk the walk. We are imperfect with imperfect situations. We do out best.
    February 12 2023 Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   "Our best." Make that "our best" rather than "out best."
    February 13 2023 Like
  4. Tveg   Yes, I definitely support it! I have no problem buying a Papa Murphy's veggie pizza with their excellent Violife vegan cheese. Same thing with Taco Bell, Qdoba, and Chipotle. If I did buy a vegan burger at Burger King, I would make sure it was microwaved, and not cooked on the meat grill. I also would never eat French fries fried in oil with chicken or other meats or for that matter, fried tofu at Asian restaurants.
    March 7 2023 Like
  5. VegInNotOut   what is the story with the fried tofu at Asian restaurants?
    March 10 2023 Like
  6. MilwaukeeProf   I'd like to know that, too. I didn't ask because I was thinking I was the only one who didn't know. Haven't eaten out since the pandemic began anyway.....
    March 11 2023 Like
  7. Tveg   Sorry, I should have clarified the Asian restaurant tofu aversion. If they are willing to use a fresh or dedicated wok for vegan items, or have a designated no animal body parts deep fryer, I will. Quite rare in my experience. I usually just order mock duck instead to simplify things. On a different note, I've found a number of Thai restaurants consider fish sauce and oyster sauce to be vegetarian, so I always ask. Most red curries have shrimp paste in them.
    March 11 2023 Like
  8. MilwaukeeProf   Fascinating. Thanks, T. Glad I do my own cooking. Nobody tries to lie to me or pretend that fish are vegetables.
    March 12 2023 Like
  9. VegInNotOut   I have found no restaurants near me that will use dedicated cooking implements and the local burger kings do not accept requests to nuke the impossible burgers... the Asian restaurants do know about fish sauce though. Honey has to be explained. I have to travel a bit for a Whole Foods and wish they would stop ruining prospective vegan prepared foods and such (cabbage crunch!) by adding honey to it -- so unnecessary.
    March 12 2023 Like
  10. Tveg   I thought it was Burger King corporate policy to microwave veggie burgers on request. Before this, I've never heard of one refusing! I would write corporate to ask why all the Burger Kings in your area refuse? I'm lucky as we have a number of Thai and other restaurants who have dedicated fryers.
    March 12 2023 Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   Local restaurant, not a Booger King, used to offer a nice black bean burger. Then they switched to "Impossible." Before knowing that it was made from genetically engineered Frankenstein ingredients, and pre-pandemic, I eagerly gave it a try. ICK! It was awful, greasy and tasted likes something I hadn't eaten in forty years. Also, knowing it is engineered to make it bleed is just disgusting to me. Same restaurant finally admitted that their homemade tortilla chips are fried in the same oil that they use to fry murdered animals. OK, so more reasons just to cook it all myself and eat at home. I get it about the honey. Even Christina of "Christina Cooks" tries to act like it is vegan. The poor bees are severely endangered from neonic pesticides and climate change, now murder hornets too, and we're going to steal from them, pretending it isn't an animal product? Nope. For the record, I do more than enough cooking and do my best to avoid all the cooking shows. Occasionally I end up in the room when my Mom has them on. Then I typically leave the room.
    6 days ago Like
  12. MilwaukeeProf   I do like the Beyond products...a lot.
    6 days ago Like
  13. dragonfly422   Happy Holidays to everyone. This link may or may not apply to you personally, but I have to share it.
    December 22 2022 Like
  14. VegInNotOut   Love the app for scammers to meet scammers and nested/looping scams :) Seems they are pretty obvious and fairly quickly caught here.
    December 25 2022 Like
  15. Tveg   A belated happy Festivus for everyone!
    December 26 2022 Like
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