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  1.  dragonfly422   how is everyone holding up? sending out positive energy.
    June 12 2020 • Like
  2.  shear37   A little positive energy would certainly help all of us these days. Thanks.
    June 15 2020 • Like
  3.  Alpenglow1   Im holding up alright. I walk, and garden, but all the fun stuff is closed and so why drive all the way to town when I can get food from my garden or pantry?
    June 18 2020 • Like
  4.  dragonfly422   attempting to "get back to normal" has had somewhat predictable results. very disheartening when certain people ruin things for everyone else. normal needs to change, for sure.
    23 hr ago • Like
  5.  FEVegan   Dispelling COVID myths

    May 6 2020 • Like
  6.  shear37   I like you tube. Not so sure it's a great place to go to seek out self-professed experts and conspiracy theory nuts who sit in their homes creating videos aimed at the gullible because no credible publisher will give them a platform.
    May 23 2020 • Like
  7.  DaniGirl   Hi all. I hope you are all doing well. Peace and love vibes for all.
    April 26 2020 • Like
  8.  Nothingisnothing   Thank you, and I hope you are doing great as well.
    June 5 2020 • Like
  9.  shear37   Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!!!
    For a change the Earth is celebrating too with cleaner air and water and wildlife wandering far and wide unhindered. Of course it comes at a terrible price. Imagine if people actually wanted to live on a cleaner Earth and kept it so beyond the pandemic.
    April 22 2020 • Like
  10.  dragonfly422   how are we all holding up? peace and blessings to all.
    April 3 2020 • Like
  11.  MilwaukeeProf   Back to you.

    Doing OK despite the stress. Trips for groceries are on the scary side.

    May I be the first to wish you a happy birthday?
    April 4 2020 • Like
  12.  shear37   How am I holding up? So far it's weekly emails to my ultra right-wing Congressman asking him to stop being an apologist for the Orange Idiot who has aspirations to being a Supreme Leader.

    And to also ask him to instead push for total testing so we can start to get back to less isolation and not having to try to keep holding up like this while waiting for the November election to free us from this authoritarian madness.

    I hope everyone else is also reminding their representatives in Washington that they are supposed to protect their constituents, not a racist, sexist reality TV show host and failed businessman.

    Otherwise I'm doing okay. Hope everyone else is holding up well too. And don't forget to sign up for your mail in ballots for November. This election is too important to skip out of fear for our health.
    April 15 2020 • Like
  13.  dragonfly422   I've been voting by mail ever since I turned 18, though I'm much more involved with current issues as a more mature adult. Not sure who I'm going to vote for now that Sanders bowed out. feeling conflicted.
    April 20 2020 • Like
  14.  shear37   Feeling conflicted between Biden and Drumpf? Four more years of this? Please... that was a joke right? Children in cages because their skin isn't white (or orange enough). Climate change deniers. Racism. Rolling back environmental regulations and workers protections. Stacking the courts. Calling pandemics a hoax. Enough. Sanders isn't conflicted. He's made it clear who he's voting for.
    April 21 2020 • Like
  15.  dragonfly422   I would never ever vote for Drumpf. I don't want to vote for Biden, but I feel as if I have to.
    April 21 2020 • Like
  16.  shear37   Good news. Remember everybody out there... not voting is a vote for Drumpf. If more people had thought about this in the last election we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now.
    April 22 2020 • Like
  17. April 24 2020 • Like
  18.  Tveg   I wonder how many Trumptards will try inhaling Lysol spray, or drinking some bleach? The pathetic excuse for a human being says it is a good idea to try such things, so I'm sure some will. They are a special kind of incurable stupid! The rest of the world is laughing at us!
    April 24 2020 • Like
  19.  shear37   Apparently the Trumpkins are heeding his advice like the despicable cult followers they are. State health agencies and poison control centers are getting calls, both for advice how best to take Drumpf's advice but also from people who have tried such things as gargling with bleach and using disinfectants as sinus rinses. Any child could have told them it won't end well.
    April 26 2020 • Like
  20.  FEVegan   You shouldn't feel conflicted about who to vote for, they are all on the same team. After years of emotionalism, nobody wants to admit that the anger and effort was pointless. The money system has failed again, so they are bailing out a global bankrupt economy that is based on a debt that cant be paid off. The federal reserve notes that you call dollars or wealth are debt notes that cant be paid off.

    All presidents of the corporation called "United States" have to be Jewish and related by blood, Trump included. We have been under war powers for 150 years, the story of Constitutional rights is told to you in school to distract you from your "roaming slave status"
    May 6 2020 • Like
  21.  shear37   Way back in a time (before the internet) conspiracy theories were mostly spread by tabloids. I remember one headline that caught my eye while waiting in line at the store - "Bigfoot Captured". The next week the same publication's headline was "Bigfoot Escapes From Military Base". That explains the lack of evidence to back up the first story.

    When you break it down any conspiracy theory, or tabloid story, is no more based on fact than the ramblings of that friend from school who when under the influence of something like magic mushrooms could weave a long meandering entirely fabricated but realistic sounding web of intrigue. The difference between that and being a conspiracy theory nut is that friend from school eventually grew up.

    When no one challenges the lack of hard evidence, these fantastical tales we once laughed at ("I Had An Alien's Baby") are spread farther and faster to be absorbed by the gullible and misguided, as well as by orange idiots sitting in round offices.

    No, the Earth is not flat. Yes, humans did walk on the moon. No, Covid-19 is not being spread by 5G. I don't care if a leprechaun did tell you they were magically delicious. Don't believe without evidence. And for God's sake don't take the hydroxychloroquine (or drink the bleach). We don't need to go back to the Dark Ages for truth, people!
    May 28 2020 • Like
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