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  1.  MilwaukeeProf   Happy Valentine's Day to all the good veggie people and their companions of all species!
    February 14 2018 • Like
  2.  329Kale   I do intermittent fasting besides being vegan. I realized I lost weight easily if I do fasting 16/8
    January 30 2018 • Like
  3.  argon   Is there like an FAQ on the conduct of this public blogging? I mean, surely it's moderated? It's okay if my post gets the nuggie <- (google that) -but maybe we can have an "idea box" -to state and vote on features on this dating app -and help making it come true by subscribing? - donno just a thought, I really like veggie peeps - been born and raised in a vegetarian home.

    Any way :D thanks to all for making it possible to connect, it's a great idea (this site) - maybe it can become something more as it's community grows?

    ..and ya -- I totally agree with @dragonfly422; cruelty deserves no excuse, as it is what it is, no theory can cover-up it's ugly face.
    January 16 2018 • Like
  4.  dragonfly422   wishing everyone happy searching and connecting here.
    January 18 2018 • Like
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