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  1.  Tveg   For the next election, who do you feel is realistically the best hope for ridding our country of the foul Trump stench, and restoring dignity to the office?
    May 6 2019 • Like
  2.  MilwaukeeProf   I'll bet on Joe Biden. Who do you see as the answer?
    May 7 2019 • Like
  3.  Tveg   It seems as though Biden has the most support so far. If so he would be my choice only for the reason he has the best chance of draining the Trump cesspool and ending this nightmare. Scary times for our country!
    May 7 2019 • Like
  4.  LovelyJamie   Hi all, what are your thoughts on the subject of Global Warming? True or false? Do you believe the msnews? And what news sources do you follow for true insight? Thanks xx
    April 8 2019 • Like
  5.  shear37   Climate Change is a serious problem most of the world, especially the US (thanks to the GOP & their corporate overlords), don't take seriously. While they dawdle the effects of climate change are happening at a faster rate than was predicted. Natural systems are crashing. People are suffering. And that's just the beginning. But at least Exxon shareholders are happy.
    April 17 2019 • Like
  6.  MilwaukeeProf   "Lovely Jamie" has been crossed out. Is that worse than Elvis leaving the building? Mighty Casey has struck out?
    April 22 2019 • Like
  7.  shear37   Or... this is an ex-parrot.
    April 22 2019 • Like
  8.  MilwaukeeProf   Jamie want a cracker?
    April 23 2019 • Like
  9.  shear37   As much as I love the dead parrot sketch... back to the subject of global warming. Does anyone else often run into non-vegans who complain about global warming and how no one is doing anything about it then act horrified when you suggest they might want to consider looking at their own diets? It's amazing the disconnect.
    April 28 2019 • Like
  10.  MilwaukeeProf   Yes, it is always someone else that is to blame.
    April 29 2019 • Like
  11.  MilwaukeeProf   Oh , crap!

    Dragonfly had a birthday a week ago and I missed it until seeing her "like"now.

    I hope your day was happy!
    April 29 2019 • Like
  12.  dragonfly422   no worries. at least you remembered :-)
    May 5 2019 • Like
  13.  Tveg   I forgot, what was astatine's comment when someone left? I think it was something like and pft, LovelyJamie was gone.
    May 12 2019 • Like
  14.  MilwaukeeProf   Right!
    7 days ago • Like
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