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Fruitarian Female, 21, seeks:
Dating: No one
Friends: Either
H Ústí nad Labem, Ústí nad Labem Region, Czech Republic 3633mi/5812km MAP
Willing to Relocate
Open to PenPals
Physical Description
  Me My Date My Friend
Gender Female None Either
Age 21 any any to 19
Zodiac ♍ Virgo    
Height 5'3" (160 cm) 3'0" (91 cm) to 3'0" (91 cm) 3'0" (91 cm) to 3'0" (91 cm)
Weight ? (unused) (unused)
Hair Color Light Brown (unused) (unused)
Eye Color Blue (unused) (unused)
Body Type Slim/Slender any any
Ethnicity Caucasian/White any any
Personal Information
  Me My Date My Friend
Diet Fruitarian any
No Semi-Vegetarian
No Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
No Raw Vegetarian
Yes Raw Vegan
Yes Fruitarian
No Macrobiotic
Relationship Single (Never Married) any any
Occupation Student (unused) (unused)
Have Children No (unused) (unused)
Want Children with future partner Undecided any any
Smoking Occasionally any
Yes No
Yes Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking Occasionally any
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Regularly
Education High School any any
Income ? (unused) (unused)
Religion Unspecified any
Yes Agnostic
Yes Atheist
Yes Bahá'í Faith
Yes Buddhist
Yes Confucian
Yes Christian/Catholic
Yes Christian/LDS
Yes Christian/Protestant
Yes Christian/Other
Yes Hindu
Yes Jain
Yes Jewish
Yes Muslim / Islam
Yes Sikh
Yes Spiritual but not religious
Yes Taoist
Language skill
any any
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My Lifestyle
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Why I'm Fruitarian
I am fruitarian because of my own health, for the animals, enviroment and world hunger. And because fruit is soooo tasty ♥♥ 
More About Me
Hi, I am 16 years old vegan, dancer, singer and acter. I
love running, walking, travelling, reading, yoga,
meditation, eastern coultures and tasty vegan food. I am
interested in human and animal rights and i want this world
to be a nice, friendly and happy place. 
I'm Looking For
I would like it if you were a teenager, someone openminded,
smart and nice. I would love if you were a vegan too ♥ 

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