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Vegan Male, 57, seeks:
Dating: Females
Friends: Either
H Drammen, Buskerud, Norway 4188mi/6701km Map
Willing to Relocate
Open to PenPals
Physical Description
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Gender Male Female Either
Age 57 any any
Zodiac ♓ Pisces    
Height 6'1" (185 cm) any any
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg) (unused) (unused)
Hair Color Dark Brown (unused) (unused)
Eye Color Brown (unused) (unused)
Body Type Slim/Slender
Yes Slim/Slender
Yes Average
Yes Athletic/Muscular
Yes A few extra pounds
No Large
Ethnicity Caucasian/White any any
Personal Information
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Diet Vegan
No Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
Yes Raw Vegetarian
Yes Raw Vegan
Yes Fruitarian
Yes Macrobiotic
No Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
Yes Raw Vegetarian
Yes Raw Vegan
Yes Fruitarian
Yes Macrobiotic
Relationship Single (Divorced) any any
Occupation Other (unused) (unused)
Have Children Yes (sometimes living with me) (unused) (unused)
Want Children with future partner Undecided any any
Smoking No
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking No
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Regularly
Education High School any any
Income ? (unused) (unused)
Religion ? any any
Language skill
any any
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
Covid Vaccination Unvaccinated I won't get the Covid-19 vaccine: I object to animal testing
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My Lifestyle
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I like to spend my free time
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My Personality Traits
I'm most drawn to these charities
Animal Rights
International Relief
Why I'm Vegan
I'm against animal abuse. Consumption/use of any animal products causes their suffering. So simple! Claiming love to nature, animals etc. and at the same time using animal products is a hypocrisy. If stealing anything from humans is considered a crime, equally stealing milk from cows & goats, as well as honey from bees is an obvious transgression. My idea is "VEGELAND" a vegetarian land, where the constitution is based on non-violence and total respect to all life. You can have it in your home already NOW! I disagree with people calling themselves vegetarians, who compromise with those who violate these simple and obvious principles. A mixed marriage/relationship quite often results in conflicts regarding upraising children, relations to the family and so called "friends". I also consider vegetarianism the very base for morality, as it's ridiculous to claim high morality, and at the same time to agree/accept/contribute to suffering of other beings. As one of my veggie-friends used to say: "May FIRST everybody be vegetarian, and THEN let them believe in what they want." Vegetarianism is, simply saying, the solution for many today's problems. 
More About Me
I wish, you eat more fruits and flowers, and less (or none!) of meat, for when you empty your bowels less stinking will be your shit. Veggie since 1984, recent years vegan. I Love nature, I really do - not only nice views, or "fishing and hunting" as some claim. I shiver and agonize realizing all the pain, and unrighteousness committed against the living world, and against the vegetarian lifestyle. Malicious, insolent lies, false "scientific" research against vegetarians, and vegetarianism, especially it's more advanced types like vitarianism, veganism, fruitarianism etc. show us, that it's time to stand up and speak up for our rights. Not only ours, but also our "brothers in Darwin", and the rest of the Nature, that is being relentlessly tortured to death. As we see around, the politicians do almost nothing about solving those vital problems, and they quench any initiative to solve them, the "scientific" world works for the corrupted system, from one side proving our rights, and from the other side speaking against them, according to the salary. So we, veggies have to say something. We cannot say now, that "we didn't know about it" as people during WW2 might say about concentration camps. We know too much to keep silent. This is why I wish that connections between our people be established in order to support each-other, especially those who struggle with problems within the family and "friends", at work/school, in discussions about "our way", pointing to the real sources of today's problems, and giving the solutions... 
I'm Looking For
...So we need to connect to support each-other, discuss our problems, exchange experiences, ideas, solutions, arguments, sorrows, and joy. My desire is to find people around the world willing to do the same in order to stop killing and suffering, to share materials which might help to achieve it. For further questions just contact me! If you are a free-user, just send me a greeting, then I'll write an ordinary message to you, since I have a full membership. I'm also looking for persons interested in a vegetarian care institution for us when we get old and dependent on others' help, as many of us have no children, nor other people whom we might rely upon. In many countries it's virtually impossible to keep our lifestyle principles while being dependent on others, so the need for such places is very big and urgent! One more thing... I definitely prefer persons who are able to keep their language clean of bad/nasty words&expressions. I see that this is a kind of problem today, even among ladies. I do understand some unusual situations like irritation, or similar, but in a normal, calm conversation I rather prefer without such, or some gentle ones, just to underline an expression. Maybe adding this as a personal feature in our profiles, like smoking and drinking, would be a solution? For example: CURSING(A-frequency): 1)every sentence, 2)often, 3)sometimes, 4)seldom, 5)sporadically, 6)never. (B-quality/level): 1)fellows in factory/sailors/notorious criminals, etc., 2)average grown-up sober men, 3)housewives/naughty children 4)children in kindergarden/christian pastors, 5)none. Let the admin decide. Greetings to all "our people"! Stay here, with us, even if it looks hard at the moment. Don't get discouraged, (if you do, at least don't delete your account, but check your mailbox at least once in 3 months!), send greetings to, and support each other. This is why we are here, not only to find the perfect spouse at once! (I don't believe in miracles! Rather in calculus of probability.) A good friendship is faaaar better, than a miserable "marriage"! 
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