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Vegetarian Female, 60, seeks:
Dating: Males
Friends: Males
H Heidelberg, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany 3466mi/5545km Map
Willing to Relocate
💉Vax Status: I prefer not to say
Physical Description
  Me My Date My Friend
Gender Female Male Male
Age 60 50 to 75 50 to 75
Zodiac ♍ Virgo    
Height 5'5" (165 cm) 5'6" (168 cm) to 6'6" (198 cm) 5'5" (165 cm) to 6'8" (203 cm)
Weight 126 lbs (57 kg) (unused) (unused)
Hair Color Dark Blonde (unused) (unused)
Eye Color Green (unused) (unused)
Body Type Slim/Slender any any
Ethnicity Caucasian/White any any
Personal Information
  Me My Date My Friend
Diet Vegetarian
Yes Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
Yes Raw Vegetarian
No Raw Vegan
No Fruitarian
Yes Macrobiotic
Yes Semi-Vegetarian
Yes Vegetarian
Yes Vegan
Yes Raw Vegetarian
No Raw Vegan
No Fruitarian
Yes Macrobiotic
Relationship Single (Divorced) any any
Occupation Other (unused) (unused)
Have Children Yes (but not living with me) (unused) (unused)
Want Children with future partner No any any
Smoking No any
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking No
Yes No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
Yes No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
Education Some College any any
Income ? (unused) (unused)
Religion Spiritual but not religious any any
Language skill
any any
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My Lifestyle
Sports/Physical Activities I'm interested in
I like to spend my free time
My Personality Traits
I Like to Read
Self Improvement
I'm most drawn to these charities
Animal Rights
Why I'm Vegetarian
I am Vegetarian, for the sake of the animals and my spiritual development. I am familiar with the Vegan idea and I admire Vegan people, because they do more for the animals than Vegetarians, but I still like a proper cake and a cup of coffee with cream. 
More About Me
I am German, but spend a lot of my time on the Isle of Islay in Scotland and I have been to New Zealand twice. I like walking,the "Great Outdoors",nature, birdwatching, photography and romantic moments. I am young in my heart, have a good sense of humour and look for a soulmate to share common interests.I practise Reiki and try to go a spiritual path of love and caring for all humans +animals.
I am easygoing, natural, spontaneous, talkative, honest and romantic. I am always open to new ideas, travel destinations and projects.

There is a poem I like:
I recognize you in me, you recognize me in you.
My doing is yours, your doing is mine.
I am you and you are me.
We just don't remember it.

I do Yoga every day and have travelled recently to tropical countries, Thailand , Seychelles ,Sri Lanka and India.
I like to travel , discover new place , talk to people, take pictures and enjoy the countryside. I like to swim in the sea and in lakes. 
I'm Looking For
I am looking for a soulmate, a nice, kind, loving man with a good sense of humour and a positive outlook towards life.. It would be nice if he loves the sea or lives by the sea already, likes travelling and is open for deep, honest communication.
I would like to love and be loved in a passionate, but sensitive and spiritual way at the same time.
Distance is no problem. Actually, distance and a different world , your world,your country makes it interesting for me.
To find a soulmate, friend and new love , I think, it is a dream we all have .

But I am happy to find new friends as well; to share and talk about a way of life which is free of animal sufferings and has a spiritual meaning.
Feel free to contact me , I like to talk and chat and smile and listen to your opinion. 
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