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Vegan Female, 64, seeks:
Dating: Males
Friends: Either
H Spoleto, Umbria, Italy 3081mi/4930km Map
Open to PenPals
Physical Description
  Me My Date My Friend
Gender Female Male Either
Age 64 53 to 60 40 to 60
Zodiac ♐ Sagittarius    
Height 5'6" (168 cm) 5'6" (168 cm) to 6'2" (188 cm) any
Weight 161 lbs (73 kg) (unused) (unused)
Hair Color Dark Brown (unused) (unused)
Eye Color Brown (unused) (unused)
Body Type Average any any
Ethnicity Caucasian/White any any
Personal Information
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Diet Vegan any any
Relationship Single (Divorced) any any
Occupation Self Employed (unused) (unused)
Have Children No (unused) (unused)
Want Children with future partner No
No Yes
No Undecided
Yes No
Smoking No
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking Occasionally
No No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
No No
Yes Occasionally
No Regularly
Education Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree any
Income $20,000 - $34,999 US (unused) (unused)
Religion Agnostic
Yes Agnostic
Language skill
any any
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
Covid Vaccination Unanswered
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My Lifestyle
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Why I'm Vegan
I have been vegan for a couple of years after being vegetarian for much longer. I had wanted to go vegan for a long time, but thought it impossible, until I realized I couldn't avoid the issue any longer. I still find it difficult socially at times, especially when I am invited to dinner. Where I live this is not very common. I strive to avoid any exploitation of animals.  
More About Me
I have always liked traveling and learning foreign languages. I have been divorced for about 15 years now, so I have become accustomed to being on my own. I have no children. I love animals and living in the countryside and I love restoring old houses.  
I'm Looking For
Although I have learned how to be happy on my own, there are moments when I live such happy moments or see a beautiful landscape, a stunning sunset, and think how wonderful it would be to be sharing it with a like minded person. I would like to find a man for a serious relationship, for traveling together, and sharing some moments of my life with him. I would also like to find other vegans so that I can feel less isolated. 
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