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Vegan Male, 44, seeks:
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H Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 2864mi/4582km Map
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Why I'm Vegan
I've been a vegan since January 2014 and a vegetarian since September 2001. Both leaps were relatively sudden. Veganism appears at a time when I thought I would be a vegetarian forever, and it was not planned at all, I was unsatisfied about my dietary choices, I wanted my daily food to be healthier and more varied, but in the process I started questioning my well established beliefs and I thought about gradually trying to go vegan. It worked :-) While this is a very important part of my life, I never felt that I was completely redefined as an individual by these changes. I'd rather talk about an "evolution" rather than a "conversion", since I felt embracing this lifestyles as a progression and extension of my pacifist ideas. Even if my first motivation to go veg* was ethics, over the years I felt that the environmental element has gained more and more importance (still it's not prminent) and I also see it as an easier side from wich approaching the subject with non-vegans. That said, I'm right the opposite of the preachy-vegan type, since I think that approach has kept me away from veganism for longer than it should have been. Weird fact: I've never been an animal lover, I'm tried to achieve a more comfortable relation with animals in a gradual way, but my first insight of vegetarianism was that, even if I didn't love animals, nor I had reason to hate them and sentence them to a painful life and death. There are many ways to get to the same place... 
More About Me
Born and raised in a small Italian town with a fun name halfway between Bologna and Rimini, I suddenly moved to Barcelona after more or less a quarter of century. Been there since then. In love with literature, comics, and a huge array of underground music styles. Also made some attempts at writing myself, of course. Agnostic as a philosophical stance, atheist to practical effects, left-winged and left-handed. Madly in love with puns and every possible way to twist the language to humorous purposes. I speak ITA (eh!), ENG, SPA, CAT, a bit of GER and POR and constantly looking forward to have a chance to seriously learn some other languages. FIN, just to name one, but virtually every other as well. I like to discuss about philosophy, human rights, politics, religion, creativity, creepy stuff, how messy the human brain is and of course details of Italian culture that are bound to get lost in translation. I am very much into literature, comics and music. Right below you can enjoy some brutal name dropping :-) Literature: Thomas Bernhard, Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Carver, Sandro Penna, Philip Larkin, István Örkény, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Benedetti, Roberto Bolaño, Raffaello Baldini, Giuseppe Bellosi, Aldo Nove, Martin Amis, H.G. Wells, Halldór Laxness, Joege Ibagüengoitia, José Saramago, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wallace Stevens, Oliver Sacks and constantly adding... Comics (in no order either): Leo Ortolani, Robert Kirkman, Bastien Vivès, Inio Asano, Magnus, Jiro Taniguchi, Gipi, Alessandro Biliotta, Matt Fraction, Tiziano Sclavi, Alfredo Castelli, Harvey Pekar, Giancarlo Berardi, Ivo Milazzo, Manu Larcenet, Garth Ennis, and many many more. Independent American comics, dear old Italian popular comics, not anymore at all into superheroes. Music: hardcore-punk (all possible sub-genres but Oi!, especially screamo and crust), extreme metal (especially grindcore, but I also enjoy death and black metal), ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental, IDM, post-rock, some industrial, noise rock, contemporary classical, trying to get more and more into some styles of traditional music like kora music, gamelan, throat singing, library, Italian music from the 60s and the 70s, some new wave and pop bands from the 70s and the 80s, comedy rock, trying to listen to some conscious/experimental hip hop as well. And I'm surely forgetting something 
I'm Looking For
Oh, that's the most difficult part of all, also because one might know what s/he wants, but anyway feelings are not programmable, which is a good thing. So let's say that I'm more on the long-term side rather than the short one, I would like to build something based on mutual trust with a good balance between physical and intellectual attaction. I would like to learn things and grow together, since it's an experience that had been not so common in my life. That said, forget all of the above, I can't predict at all what is going to happen and situations might be different than I expected. Anyway, I totally value honesty as a necessary requirement to keep whatever relation healthy. I dream of a complicity that can reach deep details of my worldview and my desires. That's complicated, I know. I never believed it was going to be easy :-) And just to stick to the example, a soul-mate that loves Sci-Fi would be an interesting starting point :-) 
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