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  1.  MilwaukeeProf   Happy 2019, friends. May it be much better than 2018!
    December 31 2018 • Like
  2.  Tveg   I will second that!
    January 12 2019 • Like
  3.  anthony1970   It has to be!
    February 3 2019 • Like
  4.  haharicha   Is anyone actually on here?
    December 30 2018 • Like
  5.  dragonfly422   since the blog is free, I don't know why more don't visit. depending on interest, the activity has been known to increase.
    January 6 2019 • Like
  6.  Tveg   Hello haharicha! We used to have much more activity here. I'm not sure why it fell off so much.
    January 12 2019 • Like
  7.  shear37   I'm here, and I enjoyed chatting back when the conversations were plentiful and people joined in. A few of us kept chatting for a bit. But no one was listening.

    So, what do you want to talk about? Lots happening, even though a lot of it is scary.

    He whose name we dare not speak is still president. But maybe for not much longer, though his VP is almost as scary.

    Climate change is changing, for the worse, and too few people seem to care about or even understand science. I was reading about flat earthers recently. Ugh. I truly believe human intelligence is de-evolving.

    A 19th century shipwreck was recently exposed by a storm on my favorite beach. No ghost zombie sailors were onboard. But it was interesting nonetheless. It's now being covered up again by the shifting sands.

    Mueller is getting closer.
    January 13 2019 • Like
  8.  MilwaukeeProf   I may be on here, but may also just be a figment of everyone's imagination. If I find out for sure,I will let you know.
    February 3 2019 • Like
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