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  1. VegInNotOut   Does anyone know of a vegan Essential Amino Acid supplement that has a good amount of the nine essentials and is in a capsule or tablet form?
    January 7 2024 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   Sorry, no, I don't. Some people use those liquid Bragg Amino acids(not capsule or pill) to supplement, but they are made from soy, so allergenic. I don't know if that'd work for you anyway. Here is a link:
    January 8 2024 Like
  3. VegInNotOut   very cool! Thanks much! ...I just wish I could see the quantity of the various (especially the essentials) so I could see how much to use to supplement my regular intake... going to write them and see what they say on that point.
    January 9 2024 Like
  4. VegInNotOut   Oh well, they do not test nor care how much of each EEA is in their product... so it cannot be used as a supplement.
    January 9 2024 Like
  5. MilwaukeeProf   Oh, lovely: just make claims and not have the stuff to back it up. Pffffft.
    January 11 2024 Like
  6. VegInNotOut   Neeeeext, a friend found Moss Nutrition Amino Select and asked if it was vegan -- this is their response: Most of the amino acids in Amino Select are end products of bacterial metabolism. Of course, there is controversy as to whether bacteria are plant, animal or neither. I have to believe the line can be drawn for bacteria at "who cares"? :) What do the amigos think about that...
    January 17 2024 Like
  7. MilwaukeeProf   Given that many bacteria are out to kill us, while others lie in and on us to keep us healthy, I would go for it. I do take probiotics, friendly bacteria.
    January 19 2024 Like
  8. VegInNotOut   Thanks for the feedback. Would be hard to avoid using/exploiting them even if we tried.
    January 19 2024 Like
  9. MilwaukeeProf   Right. We likely swallow some when we suck in air while we eat. I think the yeast in bread also counts as bacteria.
    January 20 2024 Like
  10. MilwaukeeProf   I just looked up yeast and I see I was wrong. It counts as a fungus rather than a bacteria. Still, I don't feel sorry for the bacteria.
    January 28 2024 Like
  11. Tveg   MP, someone might have noticed the yeast classification, but didn't comment on it, ha ha .
    January 31 2024 Like
  12. VegInNotOut   MP, do you feel sorry for the fungus? :)
    February 1 2024 Like
  13. MilwaukeeProf   T, that may well be. Like you, perhaps? V, if I were to ruminate on it, I may. I suppose it depends on the fungus. Do you?
    February 3 2024 Like
  14. VegInNotOut   Nope -- do not feel sorry for the fungus... perhaps it is just my ignorance to say that I draw the line at animals and plants for my sympathies, but I do own that. :)
    February 11 2024 Like
  15. MilwaukeeProf   Fungicidal maniac?
    February 13 2024 Like
  16. VegInNotOut   hahaha!
    February 14 2024 Like
  17. VegInNotOut   Wishing all a happy new year!
    December 30 2023 Like
  18. MilwaukeeProf   To you as well.
    December 30 2023 Like
  19. Tveg   You too!
    January 2 2024 Like