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  1. VegInNotOut   What do you think of the Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to kill ~450,000 barred owls over 3 decades to save the spotted owls, starting next spring?
    July 3 2024 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   OK, I'll bite since nobody else is. I hadn't heard about this and haven't read up on it since finding your message. That said, as much as I don't like the thought of killing nearly a half million anything (except maybe rats and Guinea worms), we can't let other species go extinct. It'd be nice if we had a magic wand that we could wave around and make the old growth forests and other habitats that we've wrecked with our overpopulation and greed come alive again. Since we can't, I suppose we have to take measures like this to protect who and what is left. Evidently, we kill off an entire species every 20 minutes these days, for 30,000 per year, dead and gone forever. What are your thoughts?
    July 9 2024 Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   As I think about it, and have now read something about the plan, I'd also be OK with killing cockroaches.
    July 12 2024 Like
  4. VegInNotOut   My concern is that we frequently do things where we interfere with nature, cause an issue and then kill off the stronger species or the proliferation of a species that has the misfortune of adapting to what we wrought. I can't endorse it.
    4 days ago Like
  5. MilwaukeeProf   I can see your point, not that you need me to. From what I read, the barred owls are an invasive species west of the Mississippi.
    3 days ago Like
  6. VegInNotOut   Oh, but I do, MP, I do. :) They are considered invasive but it is likely because they moved as a result of humans settling in their native habitat.
    43 hr ago Like
  7. MilwaukeeProf   Sure, we've done a great job of wrecking our habitat and dragging other species down with us, ahead of us actually. If they can still live east of the Mississippi, and I believe they can, then they should, far as I'm concerned. It's like the starlings. God made live in Europe, not North America. Here they are invasive and take away food as well as space from native species.
    16 hr ago Like
  8. VegInNotOut   In response to more people with brain worms from eating meat: don't do that then. What am I missing?
    May 24 2024 Like
  9. MilwaukeeProf   They're stupid, perhaps. It serves them right, perhaps. The brain worm thing may explain why certain people running for president and espousing kooky ideas and their supporters are like that. My guess is all that you're missing is a brain worm. If you were a Millennial, you may want to get a brain worm so as not to miss out.
    May 25 2024 Like
  10. VegInNotOut   ...and now, the shellfish on the west coast are fighting back as well. Go nature! Not sure how prevalent the brain worm thing is, but some of my favorite people are millennials, so not touching that one. :)
    June 1 2024 Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   "OK, Boomer"
    June 3 2024 Like
  12. VegInNotOut   hahaha! Just read up on Boomer traits and I apparently went rogue on the optimism one.
    June 5 2024 Like
  13. MilwaukeeProf   Do we no longer stand with Ukraine?
    May 7 2024 Like
  14. CustomerCare   Yes, we do. However, we're undergoing a home page redesign as it was pointed out by a consulting firm that the home page is slow to load on small devices. We felt the Ukraine banner had been there sufficiently long. Other changes are on their way. Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!
    May 7 2024 Like
  15. MilwaukeeProf   Ah. Thanks for explaining, Ken.
    May 9 2024 Like