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  1.  irCurts   When I started out as a vegan it was purely selfish, I wanted to live and get better. Since then I think I have softened up a lot and I am much more into the animal rights, Earth-friendly and being socially responsible. How has becoming a vegan changed who you are? or Why did you become vegan?
    August 12 2019 • Like
  2.  dragonfly422   Hello ircurtis, and welcome to VC. For me, being vegan feels great. I always felt deep down that exploiting animals is wrong, but it took years to find the right situation to start turning my lifestyle around for the better.
    September 8 2019 • Like
  3.  landgirl51   Editing my photos. I do so correctly, places and dates. For some weird reason they change and get muddled...Wrong place date to wrong photo....this has happened a few times. I have just corrected it now...lets see if it gets muddled again!
    July 19 2019 • Like
  4.  PureVeganStarPoet   yes, it happens to me repeatedly as well. i figured out the trick is to delete the caption first before deleting the picture to make room to post another picture. otherwise if one just deletes a picture presuming it will take the caption with it: no -- what happens is that caption gets shifted to another pic, which shifts all other captions moving to misrepresent other pictures. gotta understand the nature of the glitch, and work within its rules, then one can be OK with correct captions accurately representing each photo/picture.
    August 7 2019 • Like
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