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  1. Tveg   I have seen a bumble bee four days in a row, a big increase from the last few years! It seems the few of us trying to help bees is making a difference in my area!
    May 19 2023 Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   What good news! Thanks for sharing that, T.
    May 20 2023 Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   Have you been doing "no mow May" up there? That's a thing around here now.
    May 27 2023 Like
  4. Tveg   Yes, but there aren't too many of us as there are so many lawn Nazi types.
    May 27 2023 Like
  5. MilwaukeeProf   I'm in a minority here, too. On our street, it was just the next door neighbors and me. First monarch arrived yesterday in all its splendor. I saw it flying over my driveway.
    May 28 2023 Like
  6. VegInNotOut   Wondering how you folks feel about bees being used for pollinating some of our produce...?
    4 days ago Like
  7. MilwaukeeProf   No bees, no us. We're all in this together.
    3 days ago Like
  8. MilwaukeeProf   I'm glad that Fake Kenny is gone now! Thanks, Ken.
    May 13 2023 Like
  9. VegInNotOut   Good on you for speaking up about it, MP!
    May 18 2023 Like
  10. MilwaukeeProf   At some point it became a sort of entertainment to check if the "suspicious" label and warning were still there or if he had been officially removed yet, caught in his stupid bid to defraud. "Oh, don't you think we can get acquainted?" wrote Fake "Kennywithlove." Nope!
    May 19 2023 Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   Gosh, talk about clueless! I just learned a was "viewed" by someone here. In opening his profile, I found a photo of someone posing with some poor, suffering crustacean he had caught. Eeeeeeeeew!
    May 1 2023 Like
  12. Tveg   Did he claim to be vegan, or just vegetarian? Being a vegetarian doesn't imply a higher level of ethics. Being vegan does. I've found people who claim to be "health based" vegans to be some of the most self centered people! If there is no ethical sentiment, someone is NOT a vegan! I only recently found out plant based does not imply vegan, it just implies the majority of the diet is non-animal, I had assumed plant based meant non-ethical vegan (intentional play on words). On a side note, I recently read a survey in which over 60% who claimed to be vegetarian on a previous survey had eaten meat in the last week or two!
    May 6 2023 Like
  13. MilwaukeeProf   You know, I 'm not sure. When I saw the big fool with the corpse dangling from his hand, I just went "no way" and blocked him. New member and probably yet another idiot scammer anyway. How very disappointing that those you read about claimed to vegetarian while still eating animals. We once had a family friend whose teenage daughter was like that. She was "totally vegetarian" while still eating ground cow burgers whenever one was placed in front of her. I think people will grab any label that either helps them sell more product or makes them feel special even if that label is one that they have not genuinely earned. Yeah, sure, pal, and I weight 120 pounds, regularly climb mountains and run marathons while being tall. Right.
    May 7 2023 Like
  14. MilwaukeeProf   Just checked. He claims to be vegetarian. Will someone please tell that guy that fish are not vegetables and neither are lobsters or any other members of the animal kingdom?
    May 7 2023 Like
  15. atmarama   Some people are just having trouble fully adjusting to a more strict vegetarian diet. Pork & Beef are probably the worst.
    May 7 2023 Like
  16. MilwaukeeProf   Yes. Also, some people are dishonest and/or stupid.
    May 8 2023 Like
  17. atmarama   According to an ancient Vedic legend a yogi got punished for killing an Ant when he was a child. He thought that was excessive and filed a complaint.
    May 8 2023 Like
  18. MilwaukeeProf   That is fascinating. To whom did he appeal?
    May 9 2023 Like
  19. atmarama   This Vedic legend ties into the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita is the conclusion of the Mahabharata. The yogi was Maṇḍūka Muni. He complained to the "god" Yamaraja. Yamaraja explained to him that he killed an Ant with a straw. Children sometimes have trouble understanding right from wrong and so may torture an insect like a toy. Later in life the Muni was threatened with spears by soldiers of the king. At the last minute his execution was called off. Maṇḍūka Muni then cursed Yamaraja to take birth as a "Sudra" which is something like servant to upper classes. The belief of not hurting even an insect is present with certain modern beliefs such as the Jains. The original Vedic tradition gets into not hurting insects with the highest order of Spiritual leadership.
    May 14 2023 Like
  20. MilwaukeeProf   Thank you for that lovely lesson.
    May 14 2023 Like
  21. dragonfly422   who is he?
    May 15 2023 Like
  22. atmarama   Are you asking about the ant story?
    May 22 2023 Like
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