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  1.  Tveg   For the next election, who do you feel is realistically the best hope for ridding our country of the foul Trump stench, and restoring dignity to the office?
    May 6 2019 • Like
  2.  MilwaukeeProf   I'll bet on Joe Biden. Who do you see as the answer?
    May 7 2019 • Like
  3.  Tveg   It seems as though Biden has the most support so far. If so he would be my choice only for the reason he has the best chance of draining the Trump cesspool and ending this nightmare. Scary times for our country!
    May 7 2019 • Like
  4.  PureVeganStarPoet   Marianne Williamson and andrew yang for universal basic income, and of course bernie sanders who was polled to beat trump in 2016 by 11% whereas hillary in that same poll was to beat trump by 2% which she did in popular vote: so that poll was accurate that foretold bernie sanders woulda beat trump by 11% enough to win electoral college as well ! progressive Elizabeth Warren also fights4human rights.
    May 28 2019 • Like
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