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  1. VegInNotOut   TIL: Veganuary -- a month-long challenge that encourages people all around the world to try adopting a vegan and plant-forward lifestyle... have others heard of this before?
    6 days ago Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   Never heard about it until you brought it to me here. Sounds worthwhile. Thanks!
    6 days ago Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   We lost Betty White today, just 18 days short of her 100th. She had a good run.
    December 31 2021 Like
  4. atmarama   Digestion and Circulation seem very important towards health, longevity, and looks. Identity, Knowing someone, and Interpersonal relationships seem more complex than readily understood. Celebrities can seem like a close neighbor.
    January 2 2022 Like
  5. VegInNotOut   Sad, though I am sure her response would have been humorous... RIP.
    January 2 2022 Like
  6. MilwaukeeProf   Now she knows "the secret" that she referenced her Mom telling her when she was a child.
    January 2 2022 Like
  7. Tveg   Continuing the tradition. Happy Festivus everyone!
    December 8 2021 Like
  8. atmarama   What is Festivus?
    December 26 2021 Like
  9. MilwaukeeProf   It began on a TV show called Seinfeld. Here is a clip that explains a lot:
    December 27 2021 Like
  10. atmarama   Seinfeld seems like certain newspaper cartoons. People can also find excuses to celebrate over ordinary things. This might be loosely related to the big Spaghetti religion which was concocted by a college graduate. Festivals can be an interesting study in the history of the world.
    January 2 2022 Like
  11. MilwaukeeProf   My Mom has often remarked that her cousins on her mother's side seemingly make up birthdays just to be able to be together and celebrate.
    January 2 2022 Like
  12. atmarama   Urban and suburban living along with office jobs may have created this kind of thing. That is these adults at each other with a sort of "head strong" thing. Christmas may have originated with the good works of St Nicholas merged with the tendency of the Romans to sometimes indulging in Merry making. The early Christians may have wanted to be accommodating to this merry making thing which was probably more appealing at least to the common crowd. The alternative for the Christian belief was getting so much into self abnegation if not martyrdom.
    January 14 2022 Like
  13. MilwaukeeProf   The Romans celebrated the Saturnalia and so the early Church competed by declaring Christmas on December 25. The gift-giving emulates the Magi and is supposed to be fun. The entire point, so often, gets drowned out by flashing lights, blaring music and brawls in malls. "Peace on Earth and among people, good will." -Luke 2:14
    6 days ago Like
  14. atmarama   Being neighborly seems to be a reasonable place to start. It can depend on private beliefs as to why the need to be at least neighborly with everyone. The Romans are an interesting study at least to understand what was really a good idea with them. But their inhumanity at times serves as a great block to studies like this. Still interesting to consider the lives of different communities at least for the past 3000 years.
    3 days ago Like
  15. atmarama   Will it ever be possible to get Vitamin B12 from Vegetarian resources and not manufactured?
    November 22 2021 Like
  16. atmarama   Putting together the formula for Sourdough Bread high in Vitamin B12 is a challenge.
    November 29 2021 Like
  17. MilwaukeeProf   Perhaps you will invent it!
    November 29 2021 Like
  18. atmarama   The essential ingredients for Sourdough Bread high in Vitamin B12 which have been reported after studies are : *Propionibacterium freudenreichii which is used to make Emmental cheese *Rice bran and Buckwheat bran These items are usually not available at the supermarket. Try whole grain flour or at least whole wheat to make the Sourdough-bread. Another natural source of Vitamin B12 to try is fermented rice. "Starving Artists " may be limited by "Hobo" standards. Entrepreneurs may consider starting a Cafe with a name like "B12" and feature a variety of vegetarian foods high in Vitamin B12.
    November 30 2021 Like
  19. atmarama   Incredible Plants to Advocate : Moringa & Duckweed Moringa has incredible health & nutrition properties. Moringa leaves have all amino acids! Duckweed has multiple benefits in Aquaculture and may have some Vitamin B12 for Vegans. Both of these plants are crucial for the survival needs of people wherever they can be responsibly farmed. These plants can turn into invasive species under certain circumstances and if not kept under control. Are there any other plants that vegans and vegetarians should know about?
    November 18 2021 Like
  20. atmarama   There were some very isolated arguments regarding the health effects of Moringa on certain people. Children and Pregnant women should check with your Professional Health Care Provider.
    November 18 2021 Like
  21. atmarama   Mushrooms seem to have a certain kind of protein which may come up to par with meat protein. Those who spent their entire childhood many times gorging themselves on meat protein may suffer from a vegetarian diet. Perhaps large amounts of Mushrooms would help. Some people may be able to grow large quantities of their own mushrooms to meet their nutritional needs.
    December 11 2021 Like
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