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  1. dragonfly422   Many thanks to Ken and his team for offering free messaging.
    February 20 2021 • Like
  2. MilwaukeeProf   My neighbor sent on more "now that he's gone" video. Enjoy.
    January 29 2021 • Like
  3. Tveg   Curious as to if and when some of you plan or want to get the vaccine?
    December 29 2020 • Like
  4. MilwaukeeProf   I do not plan on getting it. Here's why:
    The production of vaccines involves using other animals and vaccines themselves contain poisons like mercury and aluminum. With this covid 19 vaccine the severe allergic reactions seem to be to polyethylene glycol. That is the same ingredient we find in antifreeze.

    Here is something from the FDA about use of animals in making vaccines:

    What are your plans?
    December 29 2020 • Like
  5. Tveg   I help my Mom most days with chores. If she gets it, odds of survival aren't good. I couldn't live with myself if I unknowingly gave it to her / caused her death. I have no history of anaphylaxis. The reportedly one in a million chance of this vs the many times higher odds of me getting it make it a no brainer for myself. My Mom is also planning on getting it and so is my Sister who is exposed to it on a regular basis with patients and their families and friends, She is not allowed to insist they wear masks or that visitors who test positive be turned away because doing so might decrease the number of primarily elective surgeries they do.
    January 1 2021 • Like
  6. shear37   I started to get the flu vaccine despite never getting sick because I wanted to protect those around me with serious illness. So of course I'm getting the Covid vaccine. I want to be part of the 85% who need to get vaccinated to develop enough herd immunity.

    Unless a person has a history of allergic reactions to vaccines and their doctor recommends not getting the Covid vaccine then everyone should get it if not for themselves than for their families, neighbors, and society.

    Vaccines are probably the greatest achievement in the history of human health saving millions of lives and they have proven far safer than most other medicines or medical procedures.

    Allergic reactions to vaccines are rare and in most cases mild. So far the rate of allergic reactions to the Covid vaccines is lower than many other already common vaccines.

    I was worried that this president and his penchant for dismantling regulations combined with something he called Operation Warp Speed would cause a dangerous and substandard vaccine to be rushed into production. As it happens researchers have been working on a Covid vaccine for 10 years. So when Covid-19 appeared it was a minor adjustment to direct their work towards this particular strain. It was science, not presidential ineptitude, that developed these vaccines.

    Life doesn't always give us easy choices with ideal solutions. Death and illnesses from many diseases once common have now been mostly eradicated thanks to vaccines. Because of Covid I wear a mask to protect myself, people I know, as well as strangers. I will get a vaccine for the same reason.

    We are facing a prolonged deadly pandemic that could become our normal way of life unless enough of us get the vaccine. Vaccines save lives. As soon as I am eligible I plan to do my part to help save lives and end this isolation for all of us.
    January 3 2021 • Like
  7. Alpenglow1   Comment...Here is a link.
    January 5 2021 • Like
  8. Alpenglow1   Another link. Ingredients in the vaccine are listed:
    Fact-sheet-recipients-caregivers-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.pdf
    January 5 2021 • Like
  9. Alpenglow1   You might be interested in reading the definition of being vegan and also the part on medicine.
    January 5 2021 • Like
  10. Alpenglow1   First link was the Pfizer ingredients list for the Covid vaccine. It is an RNA vaccine
    January 5 2021 • Like
  11. Alpenglow1   In all fairness, Here is information on ingredients of other vaccines. This is in part what Milwaukee prof is talking about; However,
    I did share links with the ingredients in these vaccines. These new vaccines are RNA vaccines. The different strategy so please read what I posted previously, Along with the ingredients of these specific vaccines. Also be sure to read in this article about the antifreeze related concern.
    January 6 2021 • Like
  12. Alpenglow1   I have personally decided to get the vaccine and I will make sure that I have adequately rested and had Good nutrition. In addition I plan to bring nettle capsules ( my herbal “ benedryl) , A large jar of water, a sandwich or a raw vegetable-fruit

    smoothie, And one thing I find helpful is “ Historic remedies” brand “ stress mints” .Because they have nux vomica and Arnica and all sorts of things that help and all sorts of
    discomforts. It’s just that it’s one box of minutes instead of a bunch of boiron tubes. I tend to be sensitive and so I treat myself very well. In the weeks to follow after the vaccine I will make sure I get plenty of nutrition and a full nights sleep every night for several weeks until the next vaccination.

    Some people that are concerned about any allergies Discuss his concerns with their doctor. Some might be advised to carry Benadryl Or their EpiPenwith them on that day as well as water And I think something to eat because often people get nausea from having no food and taking a medication.

    An ice pack or gel pack could be handy for the initial injection soreness. Those are my ideas so far.
    And to bring things to make sure my life is comfortable and if I don’t use them they just come right home and get put away. So far the long trip into town justifies my bringing water everywhere and something to eat everywhere too and I tend to carry the stress tabs because honestly sometimes traffic alone or a bad day can make a person feel some of the symptoms described as Side effects.

    What do you do? Does anybody else have any tricks up their sleeve? Because honestly with shots and blood draws I am a big baby!!!

    Be good to yourself.
    January 6 2021 • Like
  13. shear37   My Mom just got her vaccine. No problem other than a sore arm for awhile and a very mild headache. After she was cleared to leave after waiting 15 minutes the nurse gave her an appointment for the follow up dose and thanked her for choosing science.

    Now that we have a responsible president with a national plan based on science instead of conspiracy theories, ignorance, and denial I hope everyone gets their vaccine when it's their time so we can get to herd immunity and normal life.

    Who wants to live in isolation and masking with a fear of illness and massive numbers of deaths for any longer than we have to.

    Choose science, not the conspiracy theorists on you tube and facebook.
    January 25 2021 • Like
  14. January 29 2021 • Like
  15. astatine   I take the view that the rollout of any vaccine, is the start of the proper test. Doesn't matter what they say happened in the trials.
    So far, the rollouts have gone well. Millions of doses administered, and even with the eyes of the world upon it, very few reported problems.

    But that is just the short-term. What will be the vaccines' effect, (say) 10 years down the line, on (say) rates of auto-immune diseases or on the effectiveness of other medications? Will we see "coronavirus latest strains booster" having to be bundled in with the annual flu jab? We shall see.
    February 18 2021 • Like
  16. Tveg   I almost forgot the tradition. Happy Festivus everyone!
    December 23 2020 • Like
  17. MilwaukeeProf   And to you,T

    After this year, there is not enough room for complete Airing of the Grievances.

    There have also been good things. Two will take the oath of office in less than a month.
    December 24 2020 • Like
  18. MilwaukeeProf   Part two,teh end of the "Night Before Christmas" knock off:

    And the smoke, it __________________(verb, past) his head like a wreath;
    He had a broad face and a little _______________( a shape) belly
    That shook when he ____________(verb, past), like a _____________(noun) full of jelly.
    He was chubby and _____________(adjective), a right ___________(adjective) old elf,
    And I _______________(verb, past) when I saw him, in spite of myself;
    A _____________( motion) of his eye and a twist of his head
    Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;
    He spoke not a word, but went ________________(direction) to his work,
    And filled all the _______________(plural noun); then turned with a jerk,
    And laying his _________________(body part) aside of his nose,
    And giving a nod, up the _________________(thing) he rose;
    He __________________(verb, past) to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him ______________(verb), ere he ______________(verb, past) out of sight—
    “________________(adjective) Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”
    December 23 2020 • Like
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