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  1. MilwaukeeProf   Not a video this time, but a too funny news story, complete with photo, about our favorite Big Orange Idiot seated at what seems to be the kid's table. This is even better than Rudy's melting hair!

    Do you suppose they let him color the menu?
    Is he capable enough to hold the crayon properly and stay within the lines?
    Did he hire another boy to color the menu for him?

    November 27 2020 • Like
  2. Tveg   I was thinking to myself what a great idea the tiny desk was. Wish we knew who to thank for such a great choice! It goes well with the Donny Goes To School video which I think they should have named Donny won't leave the White House play room.
    November 28 2020 • Like
  3. MilwaukeeProf   Bravo, T!
    November 29 2020 • Like
  4. MilwaukeeProf   Tired of childish behavior, bad sportsmanship and generalized insanity? My cousin Diane shared this with me. It is called "Donny Goes To School" and lasts just over a minute:. It seems spot onto me. Enjoy.
    November 6 2020 • Like
  5. shear37   Cool video.

    Well... SUCCESS!!! The Orange Stain has to go now no matter now much he whines and throws a tantrum.
    November 7 2020 • Like
  6. Tveg   It's so very satisfying thinking of how he is going nuts over being a loser! I hope when Biden meets him, he will say "you're fired"! Think I'm going to buy a "We just did! 46" shirt.
    November 10 2020 • Like
  7. shear37   Considering the Orange Idiot's actions since he lost the election I'd say the above video is right on the mark. Let me repeat that. He is a LOSER, bigly. And an even bigger whining baby.
    November 19 2020 • Like
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