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  1.  jankanda   DonĀ“t worry
    November 18 2019 • Like
  2.  MilwaukeeProf   Be happy!
    November 20 2019 • Like
  3.  dragonfly422   as Thanksgiving is coming soon, what will everyone be doing? I hope that I can share a potluck with some local vegan folks.
    November 14 2019 • Like
  4.  Tveg   Thai Curry with my Mom and Sister.
    November 17 2019 • Like
  5.  shear37   Not sure about Thai Curry, but Tim Curry was great in Rocky Horror and a host of other movies.
    December 13 2019 • Like
  6.  MilwaukeeProf   Ann Curry was good on NBC and then got treated badly for being Asian ancestry when the real ratings problem was the arrogant serial sex predator Matt.

    A local TV station showed "Harold and Maude" a few weeks back. As far as I know there was nobody named Curry in it, but I wanted to share that with you anyway.:)
    December 14 2019 • Like
  7.  shear37   I watched The Three Amigos this week. No Curry in that either, since we're sharing. But there was a Short, Martin, & Chase. I did like Ann Curry. Still never had Thai Curry.
    December 14 2019 • Like
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